Dave Stephens & Industry Night At Jardine's

I never leave the basement, I hate going places . . . But I'll jump at a chance to see a modern day Kansas City Jazz legend like Dave Stephens.

I checked out Dave's performance @ Jardine's last night and was happy to note that the guy even likes working the crowd on a Sunday night . . . Which wasn't that small really.

Even better, I had a chance to listen to some of the best stories about the local music scene from Dave himself at a table after the show.

The extremely rare Monday morning outing is probably why posts are a bit late but it was much more entertaining and informative than hanging out with the d-bags on this blog.


  1. Tony: Why is jazz a "dead art form" in your blog today, but when you go out and see it LIVE, it is great? Maybe you should just stay sarcastic in your Mom's basement for continuity's sake.

  2. Speaking up for TKC9/21/09, 12:24 PM

    what kind of fag expects continuity from a blog?

  3. Dave is a great guy. Tony is not.

  4. I'm a fag, but I don't expect anything more than a great blog from Tony.
    And to Anon 1:30--If you don't like Tony, or, maybe you do like him but still think he's not a great guy, then why would you read his blog?


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