There are more details emerging regarding previous TKC News about Lincoln Prep's Jazz Program failure.

Here's some quick hits related to the chatter that's going on when it comes to budget cut screw ups, enrollment problems and the Jazz program in peril.

  • The Lincoln Prep Assistant Band Director has been cut. This might have been due to overall screwed up enrollment data that apparently doesn't reflect the number of students actually signed up. The Assistant Director has been integral to helping Ron Martz provide a bit of good publicity for the district and now the work load for Martz will be doubled because of this cut that is less than strategic.

  • Lincoln Prep and many other Kansas City schools are in the midst of unprecedented class list and scheduling problems!!! It's safe to say that nobody knows what anybody is doing at KC Schools . . . Students, teachers and Administrators . . . From what I'm hearing, reading and seeing . . . They'll be lucky to know where anybody is by Thanksgiving break.

  • Cuts at Lincoln Middle and High School Are Deep . . . There's a KCMO School District fire sale and no one is being spared . . . Despite service to the District. Yet again, this is creating even more discontent, hard feelings and confusion.

  • The School Advisory Committee (SAC) at Lincoln Prep and other metro schools are in the dark about what's going on in relation to cuts, scheduling and consequences. The members of SAC (hehe) are supposed to be the front line in disseminating information and in this latest rounds of cuts and rearrangements the system has failed.

    While the loss of resources for KC students is lamentable . . . It should be fun to watch the district scramble in order to make even more excuses while touting imaginary progress.
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    1. Too bad. I think there was progress but it gets lost with so many screw ups.

    2. Posted this from the other comment form Tony. It seems like an insider:

      It will affect more than just the jazz program. The remaining band director will have to teach all of the school implemented program himself. These include the Middle Years Programme & the Diploma program of the International Baccalaureate degree and also the Advanced Placement material.

      This is in addition to all of the contests & performances that go along with a normal band program.

    3. They can pay a quarter of a million dollars for drums at ACE, but couldn't afford to sustain the Jazz program and Lincoln? Hmm...

    4. You apparently wanted to use the trendy word of the month, "FAIL" but in doing so, you wrote a really bad headline.

      Remember, CLARITY always takes precedent over cleverness! It makes no sense.

      Actually, what was the point... We surely remember Mister Holland's Opus where fine arts is always the first to get cut. Is that what this was all about, or was the school district being more PC than wise about teaching Jazz rather than career skills?

      Jazz should be a few music courses, not a 'program.' Schools should be teaching career skills, not trendy politically correct crap. Teaching Jazz as a 'program' makes as little sense as having a Latin-Greek "program".

      Not in TODAY's competitive world! Math and science. Again. Math and science.

      Mickey mouse

    5. KCMSD is a joke, they have 7 senior managers in the Security department plus 1 Director (that can't get a commission cause of his record of ? women, and to top it off they have a Manager over him. 9 senior worthless managers in the security department that's over a 1/2 millon in salaries if this department or all of the managers were elimated.

    6. Good one 9 50 how about that TKC


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