I joke a lot about the current state of Jazz but, admittedly, I realize it's part of Kansas City's history.

Accordingly, AN AWESOME TKC TIPSTER sends the following info for all of us to lament:
"A very credible source within the KCMO district claims that Lincoln Prep is officially dropping their jazz band program. Due to apparent budget issues -- which often translates to the arts taking the first hit. The school that produced musical talents like Charlie Parker, Kevin Mahogany and others will no longer have the sound of jazz echoing through its halls. The band had an amazing tour just last year that included a performance at New York's Carnegie Hall!"
First of all, thank you to this AWESOME TIPSTER who obviously cares a great deal about KC's History and the resources available to local students. A look at the program's website reveals how important it is to this community . . . As the recession, mismanagement and overall fail seem to have deprived KC students yet again.


  1. They've done this before haven't they?

  2. Ya, that's a pretty stupid move. Lincoln jazz band usually smokes all of the whitebread suburban jazz bands at contests and festivals and that's an important lesson for spoiled rotten 'burb kids who think they're the next David Sanborne to learn.

  3. And how much did that "junket" to the Lake of the Ozarks cost..100K and one Jazz Program.

  4. Board meeting on Jazz Program:
    "It's too successful. We must kill it."
    "Why we can't have these kids going places like New York. They will see just how disfunctional this place is and when they are old enough to vote, they might toss us out."
    "Yes KC school kids must fail at all costs so we can maintain an ignorant voting base that will also keep the welfare rolls full, thus helping our friends in the welfare office keep their jobs."

  5. It will affect more than just the jazz program. The remaining band director will have to teach all of the school implemented program himself. These include the Middle Years Programme & the Diploma program of the International Baccalaureate degree and also the Advanced Placement material.

    This is in addition to all of the contests & performances that go along with a normal band program.

  6. Yeah, you got it, Tony. Good for you. YOu're right... its too bad that the district with the most minorities would have to cut one of their historically valued musical roots.

    I'm sorry to suggest that if we look at America's overspending on virtually everything, the frills do need to be the first to go.

    With fifteen percent of Kansas Citians out of work, we'll be cutting a lot more than Jazz bands. Hell my school in JOCO had a jazz band. And my kid's school. But we're all in trouble now and we're all shopping at Walmart.

    Yup, I've cancelled Chemlawn and I do it myself. Havne't bought any new dishes lately, wear the same threads, and I wait longer before going to the doctor just to see if whatever malady I have clears up by itself!

    We're on a national diet and we will be for decades. You can be the Chinese who have grabbed most all of our manufacturing jobs dont teach jazz band or whatever version they have of it. They probably teach their kids English to sell product to US, teach manufacturing skills, machine skills, etc.

    We humans only do fine arts when things are going well enough that we can be distracted... when life is no longer an issue of survival!

    That SOO MAKES SENSE. Not to worry, we'll still have good jazz bands because peopale who really HAVE IT, will learn it WITHOUT a school curriculum! They'll practice at home while the boy next door goes to football practice. Some kids do sports, some do music. Some do computers. Some do church work.

    I just hope there will be enough piano teachers left and people who can afford them so that music gets passed on to our children!


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