Nobody does it better than Dave Stephens

On a Saturday Night in Kansas City, at 1:30 in the morning at Jardine's count on Dave Stephens to put on an AMAZING SHOW.

If Kansas City is looking for a signature sound, other than gunfire, it should be Dave Stephens.

Late at night, I left my basement dwelling to check out the Dave Stephens Late Nite Gig and couldn't believe the guy's energy, enthusiasm and just overall skill. Over the course of his career he's simply perfected Jazz and Swing standards to match his style and his performance is a whole different kind of smooth that should provide a lesson to every artist in Kansas City no matter what genre.

The only drawback: I'll have to wait till October 23 to check out the Dave Stephens Jazz Circus that's promised to be bigger and better than ever . . . So it'll probably be worth it and is one of many incentives I have for looking both ways when I cross the street to make sure I don't get hit by a truck.


  1. Good Stuff!

  2. He's a great guy too. Good for you for posting some good music links every now and then T.


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