World Cup at Arrowhead?

This town's greatest soccer blog Down the Byline reports that Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium is still in the running for the USA's 2018 and 2022 World Cup bid. It's great news that should offer a bit of hope for this town's half-dozen soccer fans.


  1. that would be great thing for KC.
    Our curent teams will never go to a major championship, so why not bring the Championship to KC.

    I pray to god, they dont make their final decision based on the City. We will never get anywhere if we must rely on our local government to land the deal.

  2. true dat - on both accounts. At least the Wizards make the playoffs on a regular basis!

  3. I would go, I remember Lamar Hunt tried real hard in 1994 for Arrowhead to be World Cup site.

  4. So we just need a couple more soccer fans to post to reach a half dozen right? OK, see ya at the next Wizards match vs. Santos.


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