Keep Mike Hendricks doing urban reporting so that The Star moves closer to bankruptcy

Myth: Corporate debt load is the only reason there are layoffs at the KC Star. Fact: Subscriptions are down along with ad revenue. Myth: The Star provides unequaled investigative coverage that can't be duplicated by anyone else. Fact: Today Mike Hendricks makes TKC TIPSTERS laugh with his folksy hackery and the fact that his column is nothing more than a glorified blog post while this blog brought far more to the table with A LOT of help from friends.


  1. and you've visited the site how many times?

  2. shut up Mike.

  3. First Comment is Hendricks6/26/09, 6:33 AM

    Hendricks you fucking pussy. Take your ugly pink ass back to Johnson County. Don't get so bitchy when Tony slaps you. You should be accustomed to it.

  4. 6:33 is Tony6/26/09, 6:35 AM

    Tony why don't you stop being a pussy and sign your own comments?

  5. I can think of nothing gayer than a slap fight between Hendricks and Tony.

  6. Hendricks hangin' in da 'hood ... watchdog of justice

  7. i wrote that derek donavan guy yesterday to ask him why we had to depend on kc bloggers to find out what the hell is going on with the citadel project because the star isn't even mentioning it.

    he sent me an email this morning to dispel my notion of the star being fresh out of reporters and hendricks story was the very first link.

    the douchebaggery going on down there knows no limits.

  8. Mike we need a little bit more than shop talk.


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