Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wednesday Night Link Smile

A few links I'm thinking about this evening:

  • Hey, here's the aftermath of that presser that KICKASS TKC TIPSTERS and readers knew about two days ago: Some KC Ministers Blast Funkhouser

  • It's going to rain, which means prime time TV will be unavailable: Severe T-Storm Watch In Effect For Metro

  • Another Nasty Metro Hospital: Shawnee Mission Med Center Pays $84,000 in EPA Fines

  • I guess we need Billions of dollars in light rail: Gas Prices Shoot Back Up Across Metro

  • Gangland KC: Man Charged With Shooting Rival Gang Member

  • Show Me more broke people: Missouri Can't Pay Tax Refunds on Time

  • Stevie Wonder at Starlight

  • I'm feeling nostalgic tonight and want to do an Old School Tribute to Rebecca Romijn's booty.

    A Lost Art said...

    "The Revenue spokesman said, "The department appreciates everyone’s patience, but you can be rest assured that everyone who is due a refund will get one. It may just take a little bit longer than it has in the past."

    I think I'll wait a little while longer to pay my taxes when my finances get sorted out.

    Massive failure.

    Especially by the people who are owed a refund. Quit getting refunds goobers. Pay your taxes at the time they are due.

    And the Mexicants say 'no mas'

    Anonymous said...

    If the ministers would help Funkhouser instead of trashing him we would get Light Rail built in this town. He really wants a light rail system to connect all of Jackson Cass Clay and Platte County. It would be great. For a dollar we could go out to the east side of Jackson and watch cows chew their cud.
    It would be great for tourists and would make us a FIRST CLASS CITY of COW CUD WATCHERS.