Thanks to the Internets Kansas City no longer needs Community Radio!!!

I'm not the slightest bit concerned that KKFI is going under because it's the last remnant of an outdated concept born in an era when access to a local audience wasn't available without the consent of corporate media. At the moment, with the help of Al Gore's Internet, publishers and broadcasters of all sorts earn the audience they deserve without the organization that's now nothing more than yet another struggling KC non-profit that should be put out of its misery.


  1. KKFI has had it's run, they brought world music to the midwest when there was none, the first that played mexican music when there were no mexican stations in kc, they played blues music and jazz in a town that is supposed tohave been a center for both...but wankers and poseur radio jocks have always put their egos first before the station. Buh Bye KKFI!!!!!!!

  2. 9:12 good points. the egos got in the way because there are so many vying for attention, a voice and control. they're a radio club more interested in sending a "shout out" to a dozen listeners, than they are serious about truly adhering to and fulfilling their Mission.

  3. huge egos too much fund raising and not enough content.

  4. Ditto on all posted so far plus they sacrificed some unique local content for national stuff

  5. not enuff bluz. always, not enuff bluz.

    ended up finally turning to kcur, 'cause there's nothing else worth listening to on radio these days if you're not into country music or sports.

    play bluz. see numbers crawl UP.

  6. dats true.

  7. kkfi's blues programming still puts any other station, including kcur, to shame (except they don't play it friday or saturday nights). and two of their "blues" shows - larry j and white hat mike - have morphed into soul and r&b, with a smattering of blues tunes. southern soul and traditional r&b may have come FROM the blues, but they ain't THE blues.

    but even if they upp'ed the amount of traditional and contemporary blues, still not enough people really like the blues anyway.

    bottom line is this: their mission is to serve "underserved" audiences by the "mainstream" media. which, tony, means they also serve people who may not have access to your "internets" but DO have access to a RADIO.

    the internet hasn't killed kkfi. they're doing it to themselves.

  8. So true....they always have. There were always a "few" folks who tried to do the right thing but...maybe they aren't there anymore. Babysitting adults and their egos get's to be tiresome.

  9. 12:15... yeah... as every general manager they tried out from Barrientos on would attest to!

    there are, as you noted, a few who would do the right thing if they could. some are still there. most of them just don't take their mission to heart, let alone their licensing requirements, fundraising, grantwriting, etc., etc.


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