So-called "conservatives" out of power and now finding themselves on the political fringe have become increasingly hostile as their true motivations start to become clear and their nasty rhetoric escalates.

Media has been hyping the Tea Party Protests but from what I've seen the gatherings do little more then demonstrate the intense frustration of white people unaccustomed to being in the political minority.

Now (mostly unfounded) rumors are circulating that ACORN plans counter protests in what will be . . . For all intents and purposes . . . A face off between Black and white -- Which is what's really at the heart of so these Tea Party Protests.

Allow me to explain:

  • With not even a dozen weeks in office, conservatives crying fascism, and tyranny aren't really protesting big government or huge spending (Which flourished under Republican rule as well) . . . They're simply upset that a Black dude is in charge. Such vitriol against Obama so early isn't founded in political ideology . . . It's simply an expression of racism.

  • As a native to the North American Continent (which is what people of Mexican ancestry really are) I have a bit of a problem with the whole "Tea Party" mythos given that it celebrates a few white guys participating in a racist ruse in order to blame their misdeeds on the Natives.

  • Show Me the minorities . . . And not just tokens. Until these Tea Party protests can claim participation of a significant number of people of color, there's just no way they can avoid claims of bigotry. All of their youtube clips and online photos show nothing more than vengeful cadres of white folks . . . And bad things happen when those people get serious about getting organized and radically changing government.

  • I'm suspicious whenever talk radio pundits start espousing principles of Economic determinism. This new reactionary populism doesn't strike me as a grassroots movement related to the distribution of wealth . . . It's more like a bunch of folks angry at the Black dude in charge . . . Having toiled in the local political arena, it's a fact of life that serious discussions about finance and economics only put crowds to sleep . . . So I question how much fiscal policy these Tea-bags really understand.

    The list goes on . . . But the subtext has already been devised. It's not about spending, it's about a reaction to a subtle change in complexion. Tea Party protesters put forth flimsy arguments about concern over taxation, but in reality a few folks taking to the street to express irrational anger so soon into a Presidential term are demonstrating nothing more than SUPREMACY.
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    1. How is it not racist that people of "color" as you say just follow what Obama does simply because he is of "color" himself?

    2. What you're saying rings true, Tony. Unfortunately, this comment section is about to be deluged in shit from the very people you're talking about: entitled, pouty, doughboy AM talk radio listeners.

      9:41- I can't speak for anyone else, but did it occur to you that maybe some of us listen to Obama not because he's black (oops I mean secret muzlin omg), but because he actually seems slightly less full of shit than most politicians?

    3. Thanks for helping spread the word, Tony. What's the matter - not used to protests that don't include your mom?

    4. Its got nothing to do with race and everything to do with a strong belief that out-of-control. unprecedented government spending is going to put this country in an even bigger hole than Bush left us in. Quit playing the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton card and realize not everything is racist.

    5. And the Republicans did such a good job when they were in office!

    6. "out-of-control. unprecedented government spending"

      Oh, there's a precedent... how about the last administration? I know it's hard to remember that far back being that it was all of three months ago.

      The difference is, Bush's crazy spending was on a pet military/contractor project that has zero chance of getting us any return on our investment, and Obama is spending it on infrastructure and economy stimulus which may actually be beneficial in the long run.

      In case you hadn't noticed, there's an emergency going on right now. Fiscal responsibility therefore becomes a second priority. My refrigerator stopped working a couple of months ago. I took some money out of savings and bought a new one. Would it have made more sense to ignore my melting food because buying a new fridge didn't meet my financial goals? After we're out of this mess, then we can focus on revising our budget.

    7. help the lazy4/9/09, 12:48 PM

      Socialists like Tea Bag Party's...on receiving end of course

    8. It's not about race - it's about power abusing, lobbyist-f*cking, greedy, dishonest, tax evading, baby killing, welfare-abusing, entitlement-obsessed garbage and their MOTHERS...you cellar dwelling piece of sh*t!

    9. "So I question how much fiscal policy these Tea-bags understand."
      Enough to know that Trillion is a big number.
      Enough to know that a 62 cent tax increase on cigarettes is a big deal.
      Enough to know that the federal government's last dabbling in fiscal policy created a welfare state that created the poor, single mother families at the heart of our social problems.

    10. There are "tea bags" and "Dirt Bags". Guess which one you are.........Dipshit.

    11. One thing about the "tea parties" is that they do appear to be coordinated by Republicans - which basically means they're just a phony steam valve (for example, they're asking for permits to assemble in some cases!) - but I'll be going anyway.

      Today's America is a lot like 18th century France: corrupt as hell. It is only a matter of time before we "regular folks" quit bickering about minor issues and focus on the criminals in both parties who are purposefully driving this country into the ditch. For our sake that time better come sooner rather than later.

    12. Oh my gosh! You are so far off base that it isn't even funny. Your, "I'm not s racist. You are!!!" mentality is what's killing this country.

    13. I don't like agreeing with Tony but I don't like the theme of these protests. It seems like undercover republican junk.

    14. when i was a kid i thought the world would be a much better place when i became an adult because all those assholes that were running things would be dead. wrong! i sadly discovered that there is no asshole generation. asshole are not born, they are made. all those kids that i grew up with are just as stupid as their parents.

      evolution is not just a theory.

      i find it funnier than shit that a fat ass, drug addled, richer than anyone you've ever heard of, radio host can somehow make you believe that his problems and concerns are the same as yours.

    15. Is it ok to call them Teabaggers?

    16. Bravo to 3:52

    17. Tony's comments are totally fallacy ridden and wreak of his own personal racism. (the whole thing is a red herring: he begins with a genetic fallacy and goes on to support it with a barrage of racist statments and generalizations. Yeah, real intelligent stuff here...) It's ironic that someone who apparently despises white people so much seems pretty obsessed with looking at/posting pics of white women!

      And you're not just generalizing "white people", but also "conservatives". Most 'regular' people who have voted Republican in the past few years have also loathed their votes and considered it the "lesser of two evils". I personally voted third part last year, choosing not to vote for any evil. Yeah, the Republicans were worse than the Clintons at bloating gov't, and Obama and the Dems are trying to take back the title of being the party of Big Gov't. Virtually noone- white, black or brown- supported Bush's or Obama's taxpayer money giveaway, yet the clowns in DC did it anyways. EVERYONE should be pissed and protest this, regardless of race. Tony, you probably only see everything as "brown" because your head is in your ass.

    18. Tony,

      You're so full of bullet points, your eyes are brown.

      Thanks for the FREE ADVERTISING, Buddy!

      And, unlike the wallet rape our petulant power hungry, 'bend over & take in the shorts' congress critters have thrust upon us, we have a CHOICE as to tea parties:

      For the 'big brass ones' Mid-Towners - The Liberty Memorial on April 15 @ 5 PM;

      For the panty waist, Johnson county 'burbites (sorry, Darla) - the corner of College and Quivera on April 15 @ 6 PM.

      Be There! 'Cause the obamacornucopia of solve everyone's problem makes ol' boooshitler look like a parsimonious skin flint by comparison.

    19. Orphan of the Road4/9/09, 7:12 PM

      Got news for you Tony. Mexicans aren't native. Humans came from somewhere else to North and South America. Better read 1491 before you start spouting crap like the Mayflower wachitas.

      It's not about race so much as the haves-vs-havenots. People have made a very comfortable living since the Civil War making poor whites think blacks are keeping them down (and vice versa).

    20. Intelligence on this blog for a change? It didn't come from Tony Obviously.

    21. T-Baggers Unite4/9/09, 9:48 PM

      Someone at the RNC needs to Google "T-bagging" and maybe they would not use the term so much, except for David Vitters.

    22. just for the fun of it anon 3:52 has just provided the fucking quote of the day
      "i find it funnier than shit that a fat ass, drug addled, richer than anyone you've ever heard of, radio host can somehow make you believe that his problems and concerns are the same as yours."
      at any rate, tonyroni has overstated the race element for effect but is nonetheless still on the right side of the cucumber.
      that's right -- it's not about socialism or fascism, because hey anyone paying attention for the last 8 years knows that's nothing new, but it's the fact that a brown dude has the audacity to shove it down your throat. another disturbing trend -- republicans calling themselves 'libertarians'. if nothing else, i'll give it to neo-cons that they can make the most essentiall RADICAL LOONY theories seem mainstream with proper re-labeling. Unfortunately, the masses of them that support these media clowns don't have the same level of mastery of the old linguistic soft shoe. Guess that's why they love co-opted terms so much -- they know that it's A word, just not sure what the real definition is.

    23. sorry, and can't help but wonder: any neo-teabaggers as 'brave' as the forefathers who showed up to the Boston Tea Party in native regalia? Think we'll have anyone show in black face this time around Tony?
      That would take some serious bawls and in KC a sadistic streak.

    24. So let me get this straight. "Protesting" against out of control spending (by both Bush and Obama) and increased taxing (Obama only, which is why we're in such a whole cause Bush spent too much and didn't bring in enough income) is racist. Why is that again? Tony are you saying that the beneficiaries of government spending are minorities and not white people? Are you saying tha minorities are dependent upon government? So exactly who is the racist one?

    25. Racist huh??

      You lead off your diatribe with a picture of a scantily clad WHITE woman dressed in Native American garb!!

      I happen to be white...yes....but my daughter-in-law is full blooded hispanic (natural born American, by the way) and my grand kids are 50% white/hispanic.

      Guess what?? They don't like Obama either!! He is nothing more than a home boy for Pelosi; Reid; Frank, Dodd and the rest of the WHITE people truly running (ruining) this country.

      Get a grip dude!!!

      Tea parties aren't black/white/hispanic or any other color!! They are American!!

      Open your eyes and take a look around......you're certainly doing your part to make this about race!!

    26. You know, I'm not sure I'd call the Tea Parties racist but I do think that a) they're silly as fuck b) give impotent middle class idiots a sense of empowerment while they forget that the Republican party wanted to tax them more and tax rich people less c) are embarrassing to the original rebels who actually destroyed an enormously valuable cargo(remember how hard it was to ship things in those days?) and d) burns up the Republican energy way too far away from elections.

    27. This coming from a dumbledorf who blogs in his jammies in the basement of his parent's house...

      On a blog that uses a severely outdated theme, stolen graphics, woeful unique visitor/day count and embarrassing Alexa traffic rank (yeah I checked).

      Sitting on your a$$ in a fantasy world will not bring you prosperity - and thus you will pay very little tax...

      People who work hard for their success deserve to enjoy their success.

      Just because you're a financial failure in life doesn't mean you have to steal someone else's money through benefit checks and endless taxpayer funded government programs.

      People are out working hard while you jack around on a blog - like your opinion means something.

      Spout all you want. You'll die broke, poor and unhappy because you have no concept of what it really means to make your own way in the world.

    28. Tony, tell your ex-girlfriends to stop commenting.

    29. You idiots with your libertarian, small government idealism need to find something legitimate to worry about. You think the private sector needs to take care of more, and the government needs to do less RIGHT NOW, of all times?

      Sorry, your precious private sector fucked up and it's grounded right now.

    30. There appears to be some ignorance about some terminology running rampant here.

      These definitions are meant to be very basic, so spare me the semantic arguments. They will fall on deaf ears.

      Capitalism: A system where private individuals own, control and operate businesses.

      Fascism: (Economic side of things) - A system where private individuals own and operate businesses, but they and their business decisions are controlled by a strong central government which is sometimes highly nationalistic and uses threat of force to ensure compliance.

      Communism: (Economic) - A system where the government owns, operates and controls businesses. This is sometimes confused with socialism, which is more of a wealth distribution system than a governing style.

      Unfortunately to be 'successful' each economic system MUST be a standalone system. One cannot have a capitalist system with some government controls. Because eventually you end up with what we have today: a system where regulations are sporadic, inconsistently applied, created through cronyism, lobbied extensively, and as a whole poorly written so as to provide chaos instead of order. Ever try reading and understanding the entire income tax code? Didn't think so. What is it up to now? 19,000 pages?

      Fascism, if run by MORAL people, *could* work so long as the entire business-decision making part of things was done intelligently. But alas, most folks prone to the other vices of fascism are nowhere near moral enough to be trusted with the power to direct a light bulb to be changed, much less an entire economy.

      Communism....well, if anyone can provide a historical reference which shows that Communism has ever made poor people rich.... 'nuff said.

      The private sector, if left alone, WILL correct itself. If you get consistent bad service from a place, you will stop doing business there. And so will everyone else who gets the same bad service. And they will go out of business. That's called the free market.

      Please note we don't have a truly free market in the USA. Because there are laws on the books which regulate the free market and in some instances force companies to provide poor customer service. (like making bad loans....) And then other laws which force people to USE those bad businesses with bad business models.... And we are left with the credit mess we have today.

      When there is a TRUE private sector operating in a TRULY free market environment, when it screws up the free market fixes the screw-up rather quickly and without mercy. If you don't believe that try starting a restaurant and serving slightly-warmed SPAM and call it steak. See how long you stay in business. You won't. You can have the cleanest place, best service, but if the food sucks, you're going out of business.

      As for the racism stuff: grow up, it's not always about color. Good grief, everyone on this planet knows there are people who are good decision makers, and there are people who couldn't make the right choices if they tried. And that goes for ALL races. None excluded. So get off the race horse because it is dead, and beating it won't make it move any faster.

    31. "As a native to the North American Continent (which is what people of Mexican ancestry really are)"

      It's what SOME people of Mexican ancestry are and in fact the majority are quite mixed with plenty of European blood and European customs to boot.

    32. By your own definition you are a token in your own right. You should get an education, maybe actually talk to the people on the right instead of just reading the leftist mass media.

    33. I was born into a white family from Delaware. I love them to death but the older family members cant handle a black man being president. For years they have always paid taxes. no one in my family has ever went to college except me. I also paid my own way through college, no handouts.When I went abroad and came back home I was scared how educated white folks could influence uneducated white folks into to doing thier dirty work. I have a feeling that if a America cant be ran by white men,then some so called Americans would like to see it self destruct. Look to your right then your left and ask someone at the tea party what new tax am I paying and how is it effecting me. WOW

    34. Racism is a form of prejudice, and isn't ironic that you're profiling Tea Party Protestors as white racists? That seems like quite the oxymoron, if you ask me.

      These participants are protesting high taxes, not Obama. And if they are protesting Obama, they're not protesting a black president, rather they're protesting a high spending president.

      You're only discrediting yourself by using the race card.

    35. What does race have to do with the American people (we're all Americans), wanting to keep the money we work hard for? It is common sense that if we have money, we'll spend it, which in turn stimulates the economy. Everyone is responsible for themselves and the government works for us, not the other way around. It is not the responsibility of people who make more money, to take care of those that do not. It is not about race, it is about personal responsibility. So, Tony, why would you think less taxes is a bad or racist thing? Don't you deserve to keep more of the money you work for and YOU decide how to spend it instead of the Government deciding? Do you want the Government to control how you spend? Where is the sense in that? Or is it that you don't work and you want everyone else to pay for you? Which is it?

    36. It is racist because the so called protest over taxes really has nothing to do with taxes since the people at the protests generally do not make more than $250,000. Also, there were no protests for 8 years and just by saying that's history does not change the fact that it was ok and none of these folks were throwing tea bagging parties. It is not credible to believe they suddenly had a change of heart. Also, the spending now is beneficial to help our economy recover plus Obama is on the way to cut the deficit in half. None of you complained when Bush took a surplas and doubled the debt on fighting an unnecessary war in Iraq that cost lives and billions of dollars. Not to mention, the wasted money in no bid contracts so Halliburton and Cheney's and Bush's friends could get rich off the poor dumb saps who are tea bagging. So, continue to do this please so that there were be fewer of your representatives in congress in 2010 because you will help to convince more of the electorate that you're so far out on the fringe that this country cannot take more of your ideology over pragmatism. For 8 years anyone who challened W. Bush was unpatriotic for doing and saying much less than what you radical right wingers are saying, so not only are you unpatriotic by your own definition, but hypocrital as well. You've been hoisted by your own petard. Now, try to be more American or feel free to leave the country and live somewhere else as many of you said to us liberals under the dictatorship of Bush and Cheney.

    37. Stupid people with agenda's throw out labels because their logic is baseless. Crack a history book occasional and read carefully. Contrary to your allegation there have been CAUCASIAN remains that were 13,000 years old found in the Americas. One in Mexico. Mongolian DNA is common in westcoast Indians. What we really know of history is minuscule. We are one race, the human race. Life is simple "Do unto othere as you would have them do unto you" The only successful governments in history were Democratic Republics. The Tea Baggers simply desire a CONSTITUTIONALLY BASED government. Not a bunch of socialist. Fools such as you will lead to one of the bloodiest Civil Wars in history.

    38. Americans are basically ignorant and unaware of what the real issues are. They will follow anything and anyone that will get them "fired up". Most people want to be controlled, told what to do, where to go and how to live. Why? Because its more comfortable. In the tea-baggers case, they cant stand the fact that a black man is now the one telling them what to do. Less comfortable. I dont claim to have the answers but I do know that I will make sure my children are not blind sheep like the majority of the people in our country.

    39. This is the dumbest article I've ever read. Nobody in the Tea Party is racist. Anybody of any color can participate if they choose.

      Come join us and make the country stronger.


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