Kansas City Tea Party Suckers!!!

I've already written the definitive guide explaining the tacit racism of The Kansas City Tea Party.

Now, as the event approaches I feel like it's time for a follow-up.

It addition to the racist underbelly of these Tea Party protests . . . The participants are being played for suckers.

Not only are some tea party organizers making a small fortune from merchandising alone, they're also also cashing in on a lot of free publicity.


  • Struggling Radio Host Chris Stigall is looking for a ratings bump by pushing this tea party nonsense. His show isn't even second best in KC and he's DESPERATELY hoping for some publicity by recruiting sheep to stand on a street corner with him . . . In other words, he's pimpin' you Republican bitches.

  • Did I read that right, is Hearne Christopher going to speak at the Kansas City Tea Party? Seriously, this dude comes from a family with more money than God . . . Do you really think he has the plight of the masses suffering from over-taxation close to his heart? Think before you answer . . . And forgive me, but when did Hearne become an expert in fiscal policy? This is the same guy with all the friends in the restaurant industry, right? I'm sorry, if this invitation stands then, in turn, I expect to give the next keynote address at The Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus. The TKC Topic - "Hos and Tricks and Politics."

  • Ron Paul People . . . This is your opportunity to pick up bored housewives!!!

    Worse than the classic low grade political exploitation . . . This manipulation undercuts real debate and a great many reasons to be upset by the Obama Administration.

    Participating in the Kansas City Tea Party puts people on the political fringe with run-of-the-mill wackos and all of the other "Abolish The IRS" crazy people . . . If that's a place where protesters feel they belong . . . Cool. But talk of a "silent majority" is silly at this point because Kansas City's middle & upper class have always felt more comfortable on the sofa and not on the street.

    As a blogger, I just feel like it's important for people to know when they're being used for PR and marketing purposes.

    By all means . . . Feel free to attend The Kansas City Tea party - Just realize who really benefits. This reactionary temper tantrum isn't going to hurt Obama's approval rating . . . Especially when the Wall Street Wing of the Republican Party never disagreed very adamantly against corporate handouts . . . In very real terms, the decision over Obama's new pet dog has more cultural impact than Kansas City's Tea Party.

    Still . . . I'm looking forward to Republicans without day jobs showing their discontent . . . At the very least it will keep them from bothering everyone else for a little while.


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    1. No tea bagging references? I'm disappointed.

    2. Yeah, Tony missed an opportunity on this posting: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/30145811#30145811

    3. Your racism defense is weak and typical of someone afraid of anyone with a conservative view. Maybe you need to look at the facts and abandon your blind (ignorant) liberalism. This administration is horrible.

    4. I don't think Tony is a fan of Obama either.

    5. Tony doesn't pay any taxes - bet on it. He just mooches off those who do.

    6. None of this matters now that Aldrich and Collins are coming back for another year.

    7. You are such a predicatable bore.

      Your girlfriend Darla is hosting a tea party, too. But she fills time once a week with your empty babble, so hands off? So, you're an attention whore, too?

      What's-a-matter sweetie? Mad that the big boys won't pay attention to you anymore? Still mad that prime-time radio kicked you to the curb? It must hurt to get 4 or 5 posts - all of them mocking you - after you advertise your weekly radio appearances late at night.

      We remember you were bumped from KMBZ in prime-time because people don't like hearing from you during functioning people's hours.

      Sad, predictable, and irrelevant as ever.

    8. If they'd re-stage the whiskey rebellion a LOT more people would show up.

    9. "Not only are some tea party organizers making a small fortune from merchandising alone, they're also also cashing in on a lot of free publicity."

      I simply do not understand your disdain for entrepreneurs. Who cares if someone wants to make a buck or two.

      I guess IPhone users have been exploited by the capitalist Bill Gates. Or, Google is in the exploitation business as well by offering Blogger.com to the suckers that want to write.

    10. Basically these are gatherings for anyone who is ticked off about anything that relates to the government from a right-leaning perspective, some of the complaints are legitimate conservative gripes and some are racists black helicopter types. The thing that gets me is that a lot of the legitimate complaints -pre-existed the Obama administration but it wasn't until these things were being carried out under the watch of a brown man that they just couldn't take it anymore.

    11. Screw these nazi bastards. The liberals had to eat Bush shit for eight years and now they can taste some soul poop.

      It looks more like the press just keeping themselves employed to me.

    12. alwaysfiredup4/14/09, 4:08 PM

      That first link sends you to the page from whence came the photo of the diva above. Must be the wrong link, unless Tony intended to find racism in tea parties by discussing David LaChappelle...

    13. "Not only are some tea party organizers making a small fortune from merchandising alone, they're also also cashing in on a lot of free publicity."

      ... like the free publicity you're giving them on your site with this asinine little blog? Sure, it's only going to be seen by a dozen or so people, most of them with the last name of Jaye or Valenciano, but still ...

    14. Editor K (an old white woman)4/14/09, 4:55 PM

      "I expect to give the next keynote address at The Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus. The TKC Topic - 'Hos and Tricks and Politics.'"

      Honey, I definitely WOULD go to that meeting if ya did.

    15. 4:16 - You're here so what does that say about you?

      This post is too funny. Tony snaps his fingers and Republicans bark.

    16. 7:43 -- I don't mind insults, but calling me a Republican crosses the line.

      What the response to Tony's post says about me as that I'm willing to call bullshit when I see it. The "tea parties" aren't racist; they're a reaction to some pretty wasteful and unnecessary spending designed to keep some institutions from failing, without any real regard or financial restitution for the average person. It's much more an issue of class than race, and for Tony to categorize it as something else or (worse yet) to try and put a racial spin in on it shows his ignorance of the issue.

    17. John Jay makes some good points but I see too many people spinning when it comes to this issue. I think Tony's just the last one to join the party.

    18. "Honor, justice, and humanity, fobid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us."---- Thomas Jefferson

      Dear Patriots,
      On April 19,1775, at Lexington and Concord, our patriot ancestors fired the open volley for American liberty. Each year at this time we remember their sacrifice, and honor the brave men and women who continue to shoulder the burden of American freedom.

      The Patriots mission is to inform and arm grassroots Patriots with our forthright message in support of individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise,national defense and traditional American values--the information to combat the anti-capitalist agenda that relentlessly undermines our nations great constitution and founding principles.

      This is the agenda of the "Tea Party being held today.



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