Journalism in Kansas City is dead

The Star is running a photo retrospective of Britney Spears on the front page of their website this morning.

I never want to hear The Star cite their "credibility" again.


  1. I have to agree. Yesterday I tried to find out the details on the Carpenter's Union signing their contract with the Builder's Association thinking it would be one of their top stories. All I found was a blurb about the concrete finishers on strike at the stadium, no link to any other story, no details, no in depth analysis. If you want to know why people are not reading the paper it's because there's nothing to read.

  2. You should thank the AME of features for this load of journalistic slag. The editorial leadership from this staffer makes a disorganized cub scout pack look like a commando strike force.

  3. I wish the star would die...wasting all that paper....

  4. If you and nuts tony you'd remove that cover up and show hers

  5. OOPS! I did it again, showing my snatch to all of those men.....

  6. How ironic Tony that you use "Shaggy" to cover up what is bald...if you know what I mean.


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