An in-depth look the Kansas City AMC Fork and Screen Social Media Scam!!!

Kansas City with a Russian Accent comes up with the most important post of the day regarding the local Internets.

He offers evidence of a clandestine marketing ploy disguised as "social media" content:
Back to the infamous Fork and Screen case. What seemed like a fun social media outing turned out to be a carefully planned and heavily monitored promotional campaign. When the free invites where released into the “ecosystem” (that would be the self-important social media types) the elaborate tracking system gauged the reaction.
Like it or not, this is just the beginning of this kind of thing for the local Internets.

This could lead to an interesting debate regarding the wall between editorial and advertisement in the online world versus traditional media . . . Unfortunately, grown ups know that the delineation between cash and content is only theoretical when it comes to news coverage in every medium throughout the ages. If anything bloggers, Twaters and all sorts of online independent publishers simply reveal their real priorities when they're caught shilling . . . Most of the time it's for money or political affiliations . . . Personally, I'm going to start offering my endorsement to chubby blonde women with low self-esteem.

In the final analysis . . . Social media, blogging and the fact that everyone is now a publisher only reveals that a great many people are for sale to the highest bidder and EVERYONE has an agenda . . . Again, this isn't news and it's not necessarily a bad thing . . . In the future (right now) searching for content will increasingly involve finding similar political, social, economic interests . . . The downside is that media consumers will be able to more effectively shield themselves from alternative perspectives or arguments that oppose their worldview. I'm not sure there's a solution to this phenomenon but just to be safe . . . I'm reporting the little known fact that trendy dinner/movie establishments located in the suburbs cause cancer.


  1. why the fuck else do they think they got that "sneak preview?"

  2. well said.

  3. I am a little confused as to how this can be viewed as nefarious. I was one of the bloggers invited. We all understood that we were picked because we have decent readership or online presence. We were told we should be outfight & honest. We were given access, free snacks & a movie. We took pics, we tweeted thoughts, and lots of people provided honest feedback. Yeah, AMC tracked the feedback. But it wasn't controlled. And any of the blogger/social media peeps worth anything posted the fact that they got the free invite for this purpose. Wanna go to the next outing?

  4. I love AMC4/2/09, 3:48 PM

    Second on beer girl's comment.

    Tony stop looking for a conspiracy everywhere.


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