You know, we all read this . . . I'm just surprised I'm the first to blog it. Guess the Pitch writers want to at least dream of advancing their career meanwhile I don't have those illusions. Anyway, this drunk driving news actually made me say "Damn" out loud:

McClatchy Watch has learned Rhonda Lokeman, the controversial columnist who is married to Kansas City Star publisher Mark Zieman, was arrested for DUI in Kansas City, MO.

Awesome bloggy juice:

  • "Details are still emerging about the traffic stop. We do know that Lokeman refused to take a breath test. (Did she have an attitude with the officer?) Not submitting to a chemical or breath test is a violation of Missouri's Implied Consent Law."

  • "Charges were filed against Lokeman January 7, in case #0916-CV00241 in Jackson County, Missouri."

  • "Lokeman is pending court and will appear before Judge Margaret Sauer. She has been charged with 302.750/577.04, DUI and Refusing a blood alcohol test. Her next court date is in April."

    So, what does this say about "Kansas City's Paper of Record" and it's leadership?
    The Star didn't "break the news in Kansas City" TKC Did (natch) . . . And it certainly draws their so-called "superior ethical standards" into question when they report the misery of everyone else but overlook the embarrassment of their boss.

    I have even more thoughts on this but I'd rather read yours (not really).

    Update: Eh, I could post more today . . . But what the hell could I find or comment on that that would be better than this? Nothing, that's what.

    Anyhoo . . . Here's the response from The Star:

  • Former Star columnist cited for DUI

  • Lokeman arrest - news to the newsroom

  • FuKCed City captures it all perfectly!!!

  • Cheers!!!


    1. Yeah but was she getting a blow job at the time?

    2. I'm not really sure it is news. Why is her arrest more important than any other? Unless of course she writes about not drinking and driving and then the only news would be that she is a hypocrite. Otherwise, it is just dirty laundry.

    3. JoCoeverywoman please don't miss your soap operas this afternoon.

      Do you think The Star would overlook this news if it was an elected official, a television personality or a pro athlete?

      Wake up.

    4. She hired Kevin Regan to represent her. She'll take a plea.

    5. Will it go unmentioned in The Star?

      Which TV station has the stones to broadcast?

    6. Whitlock is breathing a deep sigh of relief.

    7. Kevin Gregory of McClatchy Watch is a reporter that was put to the street by McClatchy. Just ask the people that he worked with in CA. He is obessed each and every minute of the day to try and get back at McClatchy. He hates them and everyone who works for them. He hates McClatchy but uses their name to get people to his blog. He is as nutcase.

    8. jeez, tony, what a putz you are - Will Not Be Televised was all over this about 6 hours ago.

      with a response from The Star, even.

      fucking loser. you don't even bother doing basic lins any more...

    9. what's a lins?

    10. Not news, just sleaze. Typical Tony.

    11. It looks like Gregory got McClatchy this time.

    12. HA! what a dumb whore. she sucks. figuratively and literally.

      how do they justify laying off decent writers, but still paying her pitiful arse? totally rhetorical guys. totally.

    13. Have a link to the "response from the Star?"

    14. 12:21. That's the kind of thing we need to avoid. There's no need to berate the woman just for getting a DUI. That hpapens to people every day. If you have a problem with The Star then I think you're 100% correct to question their ethics in hiring the wife of their publisher but when you insult her it negates your case because if this story is true it means she is obviously a woman with an alcohol problem who needs help and not hurtful comments.

    15. Shut up Mom.

    16. thanks 12:33p!

      she doth sucketh, mom. you ever read her garbage? i did twice and was repulsed. do you know her climb to the top backstory or that she is just as impertinent as the jackanapes she oft belittles??

      feel free to reply once you've done some legwork.



    17. I've represented people in the past who were charged with DUI/DWI even though they were in fact not guilty.

      Is that the case here? Don't know. Does it happen? You betcha.

    18. The issue is that the Star buried the story... more accurately, didn't report the story.

    19. Kevin Gregory at McClatchy Watch is an hateful idiot. No wonder his paper got rid of him. I didn't like her column but Kevin has spent all day on this subject. Give it a break the women has a problem but Kevin has even a bigger one OBSESSION with destroying McClatchy. KEVIN GREGORY IS A MISERABLE HUMAN BEING. What other type would enjoy the destuction of another human being.

    20. Black and a woman. No news here. If only she was white.

    21. Damn. I hate to say this but 3:24 probably has a point.

    22. "Black and a woman. No news here. If only she was white."

      "Damn. I hate to say this but 3:24 probably has a point."

      Oh fucking grow up!

    23. Tony, Here's something to ponder:

      The Star "didn't know about this story" until someone else broke it.

      The Star reports that Lokeman filed a civil suit to retain her license.

      Yet, the Star couldn't reach Lokeman for comment.

      Assuming the Star's cops reporters missed the initial arrest report (plausible, but unlikely), and they couldn't reach Lokeman for comment, then how on earth did they possibly learn about her civil suit?

      That suit wouldn't be part of the original arrest record, and if she didn't tell them about the suit, then who did? Clearly they got that info from her or someone who ought to be on the record, but they don't say who. Is Zieman feeding the reporters the info? They don't cite "court records show" for the civil suit, and they don't say where that info came from.

      Not earthshaking stuff, but one more piece that suggests management (aka Zieman) has its hands all over how this story is being disseminated.

    24. I'll just drive with my lights off and no one will notice I'm MISSING A FUCKING TIRE. Super Genius.

    25. What she did is something a 16-year old kid would do. I wonder if "daddy Zieman" scolded her for being a dumbshit.

    26. 5:45: If you think the Star is out checking DUI arrests every day you have your head straight up your ass.

      And Zieman isn't going to march downstairs and tell them. Would you advertise your wife's personal problems if you didn't have to? No.

      I know Kevin Gregory thinks this is the biggest story in the world, but it really isn't.

    27. 5:45. It's called Case.Net, you fucking 'tard.

    28. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. She spent the last eight years writing the same basic column--Bush is an evil idiot.

      She always came across as holier than thou to me.

    29. Although not the right thing to do from a standpoint of ethics, I can understand that the Zman would not share this problem with the staff of the KC Star.

      I hope that Ms. Lokeman solves whatever problem is bedeviling her. And good luck to Mark Zeiman too.

      Whatever differences any of us, me included, have with him and the other senior KC Star staff and management, this is potentially an awful personal problem for one or both of them which should be wished upon no one.

    30. Best comment goes to InaFunk at 9:28

      With an honorable mention to 9:18 noting that Lokeman is an hypocrite and maybe should have looked inward before calling Bush an idiot.

    31. How stupid are you 5:45? Do you not read? McClatchy Watch put the effing case number in the ORIGINAL POST!!! Z-man didn't draw the road map, McClatchy Watch did.

    32. To all you "tards," you only check case net when you're looking for a particular case or investigating a certain individual. If you don't know something is there, you don't go looking for it. It doesn't fall in your lap.
      Also, the casenet only notes the case between Lokeman and the dept of revenue. the original dui isn't there.
      Upshot: star reporters were not inept. God knows how many duis there are in the six county area in the average week. Even when the paper was fully staffed, no one kept track of all of them.

    33. 7:06 Kevin Gregory McClatchy Watch is a has been reporter that they threw on the street. Some poster gave him the story about the DUI. Wow!! He now is a HAS BEEN that reports on DUI cases and still can't get work as a reporter.

    34. Too bad Star people are so jealous. Gregory has done a great job with his blog and created a readership all on his own. Gregory took this story that not even the Star would cover and made it big news. The guy might not at McClatchy anymore but now he owns them.

    35. I bet it is a White bartender who did this too Rhonda --- BIGOTRY!

    36. Once again.

      Let's refer to
      The Tony Botello School of Journalism

      Linking to other sources = reporting

      "Sources tell me" = I made stuff up

      "I don't claim to know the details" = I am lazy

      "I called McClatchy" = I made stuff up

      "Mary Sanchez is..." = I wish I could have ten percent of the class of Mary Sanchez

      "AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS" = a black hole of made-up stupidity that sucks all the stupid in

      "Here's what I've heard" = I made stuff up

      " kind of like a signal to brown people that their business isn't wanted." = I am either brain-damaged or retarded, your choice

      "According to close watchers" = I made stuff up

      ALL CAPS IN RED = phony hyperbole

      NO HOMO = I pitch and catch

      "Mike Hendricks is..." = I wish I had some money too

      "Parties close to the case..." = no one would talk to me even if I had tried, which I didn't

      "I'm not going to quote anybody on this one but people familiar with..." = I made stuff up

      "The Star is dying" - I am still bitter over being rejected as an intern in '04

      "Word is that..." = yup - I made stuff up

      The Tony Botello School of Journalism Part Two:

      The Pitch owns your pathetic ass.

      There you go again, trying to scoop a story that was scooped long before you came out of Rita's basement.

      Learn it, live it Tony, Blogging is NOT journalism. You weren't shit at Dos Mundos, you ain't shit here.


    38. 11:26 Kevin Gregory CA.
      He did a wonderful job? Let's look at the facts man.

      Kevins BIO: Favorite Book BIBLE. Most important to him Church.

      Kevin spent 1 day on trying to destroy a women that yes, has a problem. She was called filthy names all day and he just kept the hate coming. He loves it. Yesterday wasn't enough. Still on it today.

      Now I don't know what Bible he reads or what church he goes and maybe California Churches teach this but I don't think so.

      So Kevin, maybe you need to start reading your favorite book that you claim (the Bible) or admit that your a FRAUD.

      Kevin print out all your blog headers and postings and pass those out at you church Sunday. Let's see what they think of them.

      Kevin you are a Fraud the Bible does not teach what your spreading.

    39. You Lose Tony has a major HOMO on for Tony. MAJOR.

    40. 7:32 Your right!! Kevin is a loser that was thrown out of his California paper. Hates McClatchy as many do but has no regard for it's employees. Wants all of them unemployed like he is. Besides the Bible fraud issue he uses McClatchy's name that he hates so much to get people to his web site. Kevin, Let's have a Header about you. Let the bloggers who really know you have at it. Then everyone would know the true Kevin.

    41. 7:32 Kevin won't have a Header about himself, where people can post what they know about him. Anytime a poster questions him he ignores the post. He can give out the garbage but can't stand to take it. Question, just how much garbage is he hiding? Tell us about your days at the California paper. Come on Kevin tell us.

    42. I think someone is pissed at Kevin.


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