Kansas City Art Going Broke As Well!!!

The Nelson-Atkins Museum will cut 20 to 25 jobs this month

Of course there's no way to prove this but . . .

I'm guessing that the place might have been able to keep more workers if their light bill hadn't spiked thanks to the outdated and overrated new addition.


  1. I got an idea lets rent out the Butler building for grain storage. Wait a minute it will still cost a lot to keep the grain from freezing. We should have used tin walls instead of glass then the addition would have been useful. Oh well who cares we can have an ART & CULTURAL TAX and let the fools pay for our hubris, our architects monument to stupidity.
    Lets not waste any time lets get the glass space ship built for the PREFORMING ARTS and then we can heat it with tax payer money too.

  2. That butler building must be a bitch to heat, what with those high ceilings and all that dead space.
    Oh, well ... live and learn.

  3. I didn't know until today that there were more than 20 - 25 employees out there to start with. Its amazing at how humans have progressed over the years compaired to the statues out there. Back then nobody had noses or arms. Must be where they got bobbing for apples from.

  4. Funny. I had another post ready to go yesterday I slotted for today about the Shuttlecocks, then this popped up on my reader.

  5. Will the last fired employee please turn out the lights.

  6. The party is over, the addition was a disaster and that's why they want more room.

  7. Build a Glass house and pay astromnomical heat and air conditioning bills. It looks like a Butler Building and is now functioning as a Butler Buildling --it is for storage.


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