Kansas City Crime and Home Foreclosures take the national spotlight

Thanks to yet another TKC Tipster for sending a depressing MNBC Video New Link my way. Notice the trash all over the street shown as a part of the closer look at Kansas City . . . So much for Mayor Funky's adoption of "The Broken Windows Theory."


  1. She lost her home, but she kept her car payment..
    Yes the intrest rate went up, guess you just signed on the dotted line & didn't ask question one. Course I am sure she put 20% down.. LOL What did the home cost in that area? $30,000
    You can bet your ass her new rent payemnt is more.

    Don't blame stupid ass Funky for the trash. Blash the trash that threw it out like that to begin with..
    Lazy ass pukes is all they are!

  2. So they picked the one of the worse neighborhoods in the city to cover. That neighborhood probably looked like that to begin with. They could have covered a Kansas City neighborhood up north. Houses are still being built, neighborhoods look prestine because we TAKE CARE OF THEM.


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