Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Kansas City Guide to Hookers and Reformed Whores!!!

Midtown Miscreant may have penned one of the best posts on local prostitution and the assorted advocates who claim to speak for current skanks.
While Veronica's Voice is to be commended for helping under age kids caught up in prostitution, I'll go out on a limb here, and say that underage prostitutes in this area make up a tiny portion of prostitutes. In the last couple of years, one case comes to mind that involved a couple of underage girls, one case. Here's the rub, the people at VV know that the mention of children , the implication that child prostitution is rampant in the city, will elicit a response, in other words it will pay off . . .

The TRUTH is most street walkers in the city are well past their teens. The Truth is most call girls are also well past their teens. The truth is while pimps aren't non existent, they dont control the vast majority of hookers in this city. Most hookers in this city are hooked on crack, and you cant smoke crack and work a 9 to 5. You either have to steal, sell dope, or hook. It's no secret that I have a criminal history . . .
You simply must read the whole post!!! It's a great guide to political advocacy in this town and the assumptions that people take advantage of in order to draw a crowd.

Also, there are a couple of awesome tales of local hookers . . . Which is always interesting.

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cleavon little said...

They're all whooo-ers.
Some just make you take them to dinner on the Plaza before you can get at that cookie.