Thursday, August 07, 2008

New KC Blog: Kansas City Crime

A great, conservative blog written by some dude calling himself "The Old Fat Cowboy." His take on the recent Funkhouser anti-gun publicity stunt was interesting: "Does the political neophyte Funkhouser understand who he is aligning himself with or is he just another anti-gun zealot out to deny us the rights guaranteed by the second amendment and supported by the Supreme Court."

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Anonymous said...

You can have all the coalitions and candle light ceremonies all you want and it is not going to help a thing. What needs to be done is for the people who live in the violent neighborhoods to get off there asses and report shooters to the police. Living in fear of retaliation is one of the sacrifices they will have to make to clean up the neighborhoods. Otherwise, its going to be the same old thing, over and over again. The police also need to get more active in these areas to.