Another failure from The Star!!! INK magazine is the worst thing in Kansas City!!!

Before I quit posting for this evening, let's not forget one thing:


A kickass local media watcher recently brought a few facts to my attention. Check it:

  • Each issue of the local rage gets smaller in pages, they have increasingly more house ads or content shared with the Star.

  • The skanks at Ink are especially vapid and apparently believe that no one in their 20s or 30's cares about the world outside the P&L District . . . There was almost no coverage in INK about the August 5 primaries or any of the candidates despite a few young people running for office.

  • The recent STUPID cover story on people over 50 to party with actually features quite a few 70 somethings which is cool also an example of their lazy reporting since it actually should have been titled: "Skanky Seniors!!!"

    Thankfully, I don't think we'll have to worry about this rag and that hags who publish it for long given that it seems to be floundering. Still, I had to laugh when I discovered that quite a real reporters in Kansas City refer to it as "The grown-up version of Highlights for Children."
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    1. You still read ink?

    2. Are they going to begin putting the "Mini-Page" in there for the upcoming school year or does that stay with the Star?

    3. I wanted to like INK. I thought it would give the Pitch a run for it's money as the alt paper in KC, but quite frankly, the paper edition and the blog suck. Disappointing. But, then again, I'm caught somewhere between MomToMom and Ink demographically.

    4. INK is even lamer and more out of touch than the Bitch, and that's tough to do.

    5. The one thing I liked about INK is it is always upbeat and positive, much different than the Bitch. The Bitch just whines and groans about everything. The few articles I've read in INK were actually quite refreshing. But who the hell reads print media anyway?

    6. Haha. I like this old fat cowboy guy.

    7. It's too bad you couldn't get a gig in the dead tree media Tony. Otherwise we wouldn't see this hateful blog. You'd be pleased as punch writing bullshit for a living. You shouldn't have watched all those old Lou Grant episodes on WGN when you were younger dude.

    8. Ink is lame. The hipper than thou staff have completely ignored the rest of the city that exists outside of walking distance from their downtown lofts.

      Who cares if it dies.

    9. That paper died. The second edition is still in the paper machine in my neighborhood. It was a high school "paper" written by broads and a couple of broads in male clothes. My carnary wouldn't even shit on it.


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