Kansas City cyclists should not be slapped, even if that's hilarious!!!

Mike Hendricks is not only Johnson County's biggest d-bag, he's also a cyclist. Coincidence?

However, his latest column provides some nice detail in the case of the road rage incident OR a case where Kansas City Cycling Advocates have finally jumped the shark and are no different (and far less principled) than Al Sharpton in the Tawana Brawley case.

Check out the conflicting stories and then realize that not only are Hummer drivers a-holes but the term also applies to anyone wearing biker shorts:
According to Local Cycling activist Matt Maher, he and a fellow cyclist were riding north around 7:30 that night when a Hummer H2 sped around them and turned into a driveway directly in front of them.

“I spoke up and said, ‘Couldn’t you have given us 10 more seconds?’ ” is how Maher remembers it.

“More like two seconds,” his cycling partner said.

They kept going, muttering about being cut off, and then heard squealing tires and saw the Hummer barreling across the grass and back onto the street, Maher said.

Next thing they knew, the H2 was behind them, bumping their tires, he claims. Then the driver, later identified as Jackson County Sports Authority Chairman John R. Bondon, pulled alongside them and allegedly forced them off the road.

The vehicle stopped. And as Bondon approached the cyclists, he was swinging a leather sap, Maher said.

Words were exchanged. Maher, 27, said he started to dial 911 on his cell phone, but Bondon, 61, knocked it from his hand and slapped Maher’s face.

Bondon told Kansas City police a different story. He said he mistook the cell phone for a weapon and knocked it from Maher’s hand.

He claimed not to own a sap and said he didn’t strike Maher in the face. The only reason he tore out after the cyclists, he said, was because he thought they’d thrown a water bottle at his truck.

Maher denies throwing anything.

With luck, the judge will sort it all out. A passerby who witnessed some of the incident is being subpoenaed to testify, police spokesman Capt. Rich Lockhart said.
First of all, I'd like to note that if Bondon is not convicted, THEN HE DESERVES A MEDAL!!!

Secondly, it's important to consider that this is basically a fight between two privileged parties. Example: This incident occurred out in Longview Lake BUT NOTICE THAT THE POLITICAL RALLY TO GARNER SUPPORT FROM CYCLING ADVOCATES WAS IN BROOKSIDE!!!

Even worse, this is yet another example that cyclists only care when affluent white people get hurt . . . Consistently, po'folk of every race color and creed are hit by cars in Kansas City, Independence and all over the metro . . . BUT BIKE PED ADVOCATES ONLY MOVE INTO ACTION WHEN AFFLUENT WHITE PEOPLE FACE DANGER!!!

Why? Because their group lacks any kind of economic or racial diversity and they mainly serve to advocate for taxpayer funds directed toward their hobby.

This isn't a group that wants to make Kansas City a safer or better place for pedestrians and cyclists . . . It's a political action committee for the interests of a small cadre of well connected hobbyists who have blood on their hands for all of the misinformation they spread about the rights of cyclists on Kansas City streets which ultimately causes a deluded sense of confidence against far bigger cars on the road in anyone ignorant enough to believe their propaganda.

It's time for Kansas City to limit bikers to trails and bike lanes not only for their own safety but also to ensure that a small group of liberal, elite cyclists don't slow this town's progress and commerce that should have priority on our streets!!!


  1. First and second.

    That biker should be ashamed he got bitchslapped by a man twice his age. For that alone this case should be dismissed.

  2. You are a dumbass.

  3. As long as greenies and corrupt politicians fight each other the average Joe can't help but win.

  4. I think everybody loses in this case.

  5. John Bondon has the best hairdo in Kansas City. It's Don King-Meets-Bride of Frankenstein.

  6. If only these bold assertions could be backed up with concrete examples. Then I guess we'd have a serious piece instead of, what do we call it, oh yeah, "humor."

  7. Please ride your bike off a cliff and save the people who drive trucks a lawsuit.

  8. shut the f up tony..
    my god, a bastard with small dick/big SUV complex should be sent to municipal farm. Using his tank as a weapon is bullshit.

  9. Bikers = Bullshit artists.

  10. if you ride a bike don't drive near the curb or they'll run you down.
    Take the whole right lane up. Those idiots driving the car will run you down. Its hard driving a car while talking on a cell phone.

  11. if you squeeze between my car and the curb on the right expect to get run the fuck down.

  12. Here is a picture that demonstrates the correct way to deal with bicyclists:


  13. Tony and all,

    I was at the Brookside "Political Rally". I guess you can spin it any way you'd like, but it was several reporters, one of the cyclists from the incident,three representatives from local bicycle clubs and a transportation advocate.
    I agree there are class/race issues in bicycle transportation, heck and recreation. In fact I've volunteered with a local organization to address just that, The Major Taylor Foundation of GKC.
    I ride all over KC, both for transport and recreation. It scares me that your remarks, however sincere you feel about them, inflame violent responses.

  14. Tony again proves that he is one of the most thoughtful, articulate and constructive commentators on the big issues affecting our community.

  15. Just an FYI. It's not hard to find the news story that goes with the above photo tagged.."the correct way to deal with bicyclists:"...

    Drunk driver. It was actually at a bike race in Mexico a few weeks ago. One rider killed.

    I wonder how many other irritations Mr. Anonymous above deals with in a like manner while drunk? Good thing this is a humor blog.


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