Friday, April 11, 2008

Massive Power Play Brawl!!!

Field trips and fighting . . . Spring Break is over and embarrassment for KC area schools right before Summer is a standard part of local media coverage.

A gully (fake) gang fight made news all over the metro recently here are some of the best links detailing the brawl:

  • Teens Fight At Shawnee Arcade

  • 'Mob' Fight Disrupts Hickman Mills Field Trip In Shawnee

  • They were making a power play

    But before anyone makes this a racial issue (for shame!) I'd just like to note that this kind of thing could easily be avoided with home gaming systems which prevent more violence than they inspire . . . While several members of the X-box live community would like to kill TKC because I'm awesome and I talk a lot of trash, thankfully I'm not playing at some lame arcade so they probably won't get a chance. Once again, technology and the lack of any real or meaningful human interaction that the Internets provides can keep us all safe . . . In a basement somewhere . . . Also, a gang fight at an arcade is just as lame as it seems and shouldn't really scare anyone with even a little bit of expereince with violence outside of dumbass video games.

    Anonymous said...

    X-box 360 rocks. X-box Live rocks. You're right. It saves lives...destroys relationships though...

    fs13 said...

    1. Who opened up Kansas to these niggas?

    2. JoCo residents typically go into Kansas City and deposit money in the coffers. Usually police don't have to be called en mass when they do it.