Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dirtbag Dan attacks TKC's credibility (heh)

Local blogger Dan is praising the hipsters at The Pitch today. I like their compilation of links too and I might even be worried if not for the fact that the Internet works on the longtail principle and there's room for everyone's niche AND TKC provides about 3 times as many links as The Pitch on most days. Anyhoo, Dan then proceeds to throw up a link to this blog and implies something about a lack of credibility. I know lots of credibility is what I look for when browsing through re-purposed photos from lingerie catalogs.

If this wasn't a slow news day I doubt I'd even notice but Dan seems to think he's providing a public service by reminding people that TKC loves his mama and was long ago the subject of a lame Pitch hit piece. I've never claimed different, always prefaced by blog with the terms satire, joke and opinion and people who look for any kind of credibility, reliability or truthfulness FROM A BLOG need professional mental and emotional counseling.

However, I just wanted to take a quick sec to remind everybody that Dan also failed to disclose his status as member of Mayor Funkhouser's kitchen cabinet to his readers. Now, I'll support, love and try my best to honor my mama in any way possible (which is rarely if ever accomplished on this blog) but I wonder what Dan's undying allegiance is to Mayor Funky. Does it have something to do with a prostate massage or a foot fetish? (Inside joke - EWWWW!)

I don't really care. What happens here is that by exchanging links Dan and I are trading traffic and growing readership for local blogs overall.

As far as looking to The Pitch, a blogger or a lawyer for creditability and truthfulness. Good luck.

The responsibility is on the readers and Walter Cronkite isn't here to hold hands anymore . . . Normally blogger beef gets boring rather quickly but it's alway entertaining to hear from that dirtbag Dan on behalf of Mayor Funkhouser's kitchen cabinet.

By the way, where's the $80,000 dollars Gloria Squitiro is missing from the Funkhouser Campaign finance report? Is she putting Mayor Funky's Kitchen Cabinet to work in order to find it? Did you look in the cupboard?


emawkc said...

I'd love to see you and Dan in the same room. That would be one sweet nerd fight.

Anonymous said...

This bears repeating:

Fighting on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded

Bonafide Kansas Citian said...

Good points. Personally I think you're being too generous to douchehound blogger Dan, the cocksmooch fan, by even mentioning his lameness. Let's face it. He's obviously riding your longtails, coat tails, whatever, by swinging on your sack if he's actually mentioning "credibility" on the internet, or remotely in the context of mayor Funk (ha!). Obviously, blogger Dan is lacking... perspective. In a nutshell, he's weak and it's pretty clear he's fishing. Although, I'd take his online gheyness as a compliment just as long as he doesn't come-on to you.

Lastly, has he even thanked you for being so nice in giving the guy charity by throwing him a bone/link? You probably made his day and he's just confused about how to take it.

Just a word of caution, if ghey-ass blogger Dan sends you a Valentine, only then would I take him seriously. :)

Anonymous said...

You both suck. The end.

Anonymous said...