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I have no idea why the local blogosphere loves McFadden's fake ass Irish bar so much but I won't deny that the place has a lot of buzz.

Recently, Ramsey - the best blogger in Lawrence - posted a video tour of the place complete with Garth Brooks music in the background and a hip-hop outro.

Overall, it looks like another nicely done downtown hipster bar . . . So I'm not amazed but in general I'm a fan of pretty much a fan of everything Irish given that they're the only ethnic group in this country that recognizes their own immigrant roots and by-in-large they don't hate Latinos.

By the way, here's another great McFadden's link from Irish KC.


  1. They're now calling it a "sports saloon", not an Irish bar. I guess that's so that it doesn't seem to compete so much with the newly announced "Raglan Road Irish Restaurant and Pub".

  2. They were always calling it a Sports Saloon - long before Raglan Road was announced.

    The whole chain goes with the Sports Saloon theme whilst typically emphasising its Irish-American cuisine.


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