Please close 18th and Vine: Nobody (with money) cares about Jazz

KC is awash in money losing museums, here's the latest news regarding this town's attractions that don't really attract anyone: "The American Jazz Museum’s 10th anniversary celebration in September — expected to raise $150,000 for museum operations — will instead lose at least $30,000, museum officials said this week."


  1. I went to the jazz museum recently. It suffers from being stuffy and quiet, which was quite unlike the subject it is portraying.

    The Negro Leagues museum is cool.

  2. It's hilarious that the board member stated that they weren't created to be a fundraising board. Get thee to Nonprofit Boards 101! Anyone who joins a nonprofit board should expect to be an ambassador for the organization in many ways, the least of which includes drumming up financial support from the community (and often contributing from their own pockets!). Yeesh! This is what happens when board members are not properly educated regarding their duties.

  3. The first thing I would do is fire the board. You don't want to raise money, get the hell out.

    Once again - Eastside = no clue

    Anyone who has spent 5 minutes running a non-profit would know that events rarely raise that much money because of the cost of the event.

    Try a mailing to the KC Metro with a nice request letter and a return envelope. Duh.

  4. Wouldn't it be funny if the Eastside don't vote for the 1% tax that it would cause the 18th and Vine Jazz to shut down.

    That would almost be as bad as not getting signs for the Westside.

  5. Who wants to visit an area where inside the museum they don't allow you to take pictures.
    Close it down.


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