Will the Chiefs ever win a game?

If you live in Jackson County, I believe you have a right to kick Larry Johnson in the face.

Yesterday, the Chiefs were humbled, embarrassed, smacked around and throughly beaten by the Chicago Bears.

Here are the things I noticed and the questions I'm asking:

  • It only looks worse from here . . . Just how many games are the Chiefs going to lose this season after the people of Jackson County approved close to A BILLION DOLLARS for the team to continue being 3rd rate at best?

  • Larry Johnson is nearly as worthless as a rapper as he is when it comes to playing in the clutch. (No homo?) When things got tough, when the pressure was on. LJ folded and he didn't look like he even wanted to play when things started to get tense. Put simply, I'm sure the KC front office is dealing with some major buyer's remorse given that Larry Johnson isn't worth anywhere near the $19-45 million contract they awarded him.

  • DON'T COUNT ON DAMON HUARD LASTING THE ENTIRE SEASON - I haven't seen a beating like that since the local authorities in the Kansas City area pulled over a pregnant Black woman in a traffic stop. Seriously, the KC quarterback's days are numbered because the offensive lie is crap. I only hope the poor guy can avoid the brain damage endured by Trent Green that probably causes that weird vacant look in Green's eyes - Or maybe he's just happy to be out of Kansas City.

    All things considered, this is THE WORST CHIEFS TEAM IN YEARS and the blame should be cast upon Herm Edwards, LJ and his gangsta rap, Carl Peterson and anyone who voted for the Stadium Tax which only gave credence to the horrible notion that people should pay to see a team almost completely devoid of talent and/or the drive to win.
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    1. When will the Hunts see that they are more than the city's largest hotdog/nacho cheese vendor? It's time for Carl Peterson to go.

    2. Given the Chiefs have blackmailed the shit out of their fanbase It's high time they start earning all of the money they make/bleed from this city. Another shitty franchise evoking national pity is not what this city needs and is not what Jackson county paid for.

      No money from me until they start winning.

    3. I don't believe the Chiefs will improve until after Carl Petersen's departure. A boycott by the fans may expedite that!

    4. You know, Iron Eyes Cody, the "Native American", who's crying gave everyone a guilt trip for littering, was actually Espera DiCorte, the son of Italian immigrants.

      In fact, Native Americans in the movies were more often than not played by Mexicans, Italians, and even caucasian surfer dudes. My favorite was Rock Hudson as "Young Bull the Indian Chief" in Winchester '73. Funny!

      Sorry for changing the subject, but the original topic was too depressing :(

    5. Anthony Quinn = Quinn the Eskimo

    6. Tougb times ahead for KC's jocksniffing community.

    7. They knew they were going into a rebuilding mode. That's why it was so important to pass the stadium improvements last year, while the team still appeared to be good.

      As for Trent Green, he still threw four interceptions for his new team on Sunday. I'll take Huard over that.


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