Jazzing up failure

The Star's columnist seem to be all about supporting losing causes lately. They've backed up Semler and her many racist supporters who like to spam message boards. And now Yael Abouhalkah is trying to poke holes in the plans or lack thereof of the Indy Schools if or when their plea to leave the clutches of the KC School District passes - However, as we've seen in one televised crisis after the next, during a tense situation the best plan is simply to run in the opposite direction when there is disaster and that seems like a good enough strategy as far as KCMO Schools are concerned.

Finally, Steve Penn is playing PR Flack once again for the 18th and Vine Jazz District without a shred of financial evidence to back him up. Why? Because 18th and Vine has been a drain on KC since day one and there's no way it'll ever turn around now. In fact, with so many new developments moving downtown it's likely the place will merit even less attention from local leaders and might soon be boarded up once again after wasting MILLIONS in KC money on two of the MANY LOCAL MUSEUMS THAT CAN'T SUSTAIN THEMSELVES.


  1. You are one to talk about self sustenance.

  2. Yeah man, sure sounds like that all-weekend street fair and parade is going to totally suck ass.

    It's going to especially suck how they got Rebirth Brass Band to kick it NOLA style now at someplace other than the Maple Leaf Bar in Carrolton district, NOLA.

    It's going to be horrible listening to the funk waft through an area that used to be so dangerous you were taking your life in hand going there.

    It's going to be horrible. Damn musicians trying to keep American musical traditions alive! Seeing all those happy white, black and brown families enjoying themselves makes me sick. Can't we just turn it into a Costco?

    (I think you should look into how the Jazz Museum is supported-its mostly private funds.)


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