Blogger B-Day and bad news

I'm sad to report that the local blogosphere is losing one of its best members . . . Josh Rosenau, author of the well-researched, informative, entertaining and important blog Thoughts from Kansas is taking off for greener pastures . . . I'll let him reveal the details for himself but he's having a birthday bash and his move makes me realize that TFK was one of the most important forces/voices in the Intelligent Design Debate in recent years throughout Kansas. In post after post, Rosenau kept his readers on top of nearly every move that ID supporters tried to pull on Kansas school districts and as local blogging matured in the Midwest TFK towered over the competition . . . It's a shame to see him go but there is no doubt the guy has a wonderful future ahead of him . . . And the local blogosphere is just not quite as intelligent due to his absence, which of course makes me more comfortable . . . Speaking of, here's the Muppets singing an appropriate song:


  1. I love the Moppet song

  2. So Joshy couldn't land an academic appointment, eh?



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