Allegedly, police around the Kansas City area don't have a lot of love for pregnant African-American women

You might remember that earlier this year the KCPD faced a controversy involving two officers denying a Sudanese woman medical treatment.

Apparently, things haven't changed much now that once again Tess Koppelman is reporting that in a case of mistaken identity Independence Police officers forced an African-American down on the asphalt on her stomach, even after she told them she was six months pregnant.

And what should be obvious here, the thing that's is going unspoken here in the mainstream media is that these now COMMONPLACE instances are just a reflection of the fact that people don't place a high value on the lives of African-American children or their mothers.

All of those anti-abortion protesters don't go to the Eastside of Kansas City to attack the so-called "massacre" of innocent babies . . . They are protesting in white neighborhoods, they are lamenting the death of white babies. Very few pro-life activists are aware of the painful fact that abortion has taken a horrible toll on the Black Community and even if they can throw around a few statistics in order to seem like a decent person . . . Rarely has the religious right partnered with African-American churches to remedy the devastating situation.

Anyway, the point here is that even people obsessed with the rights of the unborn couldn't give a damn about the Black Community.

The upstanding record of the lady in question simply adds insult to injury: "Hayes is a Kansas City school principal in charge of her church's Sunday school. Her two small children were in the Jeep with her when officers started yelling at her to show her hands, drop her keys out the window, put her hands on her head and get on her knees." Translation: This time the woman is not an immigrant therefore there is not underlying sentiment that she deserves whatever she gets in this country.

The recent trend of police brutality in the KC area against pregnant Black women isn't just a question of prejudice, it's a matter of Kansas City's culture. As a Chicano, I've noticed that pregnant women take on an exalted role among my fellow Latinos . . . There is even statistical data to back this up given that there are relatively few low-weight births among Mexican-Americans, despite their low socioeconomic status. And what is troubling is that the same treatment isn't given to African-American women . . . Even worse, this story simply begs the questions: Would these same two instances of alleged police misconduct have arisen if the pregnant woman in question was a white broad?


  1. sounds like she is getting ready to cash in via lawsuit. i'm not sure the cops did anything wrong... a woman 6 months pregnant can certainly lay on her belly. the cops were following procedure for a felony stop. 2 out of however many pregnant black women there are in KC the last couple of years is hardly a trend.

  2. Sir, It sounds to me as if you have some prejudicial issues yourself, with your ending statement> BROAD coupled with WHITE now there's a trend...please learn some respect for the law and other people in your community.

  3. Seems to me that you believe every story that some Black offers. Wasn't it just a couple of months ago that you were defending the drug dealer that a cop was trying to apprehend and obtain evidence from?

    And didn't you even feel sorry for the kid who shot at a cop?

    We know where your sympathies lie Tony. Why don't you get somebody from the Black community to protect you the next time your in trouble.

  4. brown and black bias pure and simple.

    A racist blogger by any definition.

  5. I've seen these officers in action and if they HAD followed procedure and called in the plates BEFORE they pulled this woman over, they would have found out that she was not the person of interest they were seeking. This EXACT same scenario took place at my work last year with the SAME asshole cops, who saw a black man in a vehicle that matched the description of a stolen vehicle, as in it was a green blazer, and instead of calling in the tags and finding out if everything was cool, they sent 15 cars, and TACKLED my employee, wrestled him down to the ground, and cuffed him BEFORE they ran the plates and found out that he was not their man. These Independence cops are cock suckers extreme and I hope that all of the racist (there were Blacks and Mexicans involved at my place of business) are apprehended and thrown in general population.

    I'd love to see that on you tube.."Local ex- cop takes it in the ass for being a racist dick weed." Film at 11.

  6. her only crime was driving while black.

  7. All of those anti-abortion protesters don't go to the Eastside of Kansas City to attack the so-called "massacre" of innocent babies . . . They are protesting in white neighborhoods, they are lamenting the death of white babies.

    Tony, abortion clinics are not like McDonalds. There is not one on every corner.

    Those protesters don't go to the eastside because, THERE ARE NO ABORTION CLINICS ON THE EASTSIDE OF KC. Only three cities IN THE ENTIRE STATE even have Planned Parenthood clinics. So what do you want the protestors to do. Maybe they should just pretend there is a clinic on the eastside, then they could protest at the pretend clinic?

    Jesus Tony, do you even think before you write? The locations are listed here.

    If one ever opens up on the eastside, then I am sure those wacos will protest there also.

  8. i think its funny how when other people mistreat women you call them women, but in everyday conversation its broads to you! It is also telling that you dont know that there arent seperate abortion clinics. Do you really think there is a black one and a white one? you are truly one of the most racist people I have ever read.

  9. OMG! I know this woman. And I believe her story. The Independence cops overstepped on this.

  10. Power + Prejudice = Racism

    Are you all saying that Tony has power?

    ¡Kudos, Tony! Great post, keep it up!

  11. Actually in Missouri racial profiling has gotten worse since the state enacted the law after admitting to having one of the worst records.

    And Tony, although I share the same outrage that anti-choice supporters spend more time protesting clinics, I have to disagree that they do not spend enough condemning African-American women who get abortions. See, they are all too happy to call genocide when it suits their agenda, just like they do when they create a crisis for jobs in the African American communities as a reason to resist immigration, yet kinda miss the point of a job/transportation shortage all together.

    Studies have shown that one of the leading causes for abortion is unintended pregnancy. AA women have a higher rate of u.p., and an alarmingly much higher maternal mortality rate, and since pro-life groups initiatives have been implemented infant mortality has increased as well.

  12. I might have more respect for your research if you actually read it.
    From the paper you cited the reason is:
    "Our hypothesis is that this finding reflects errors in recorded gestational age, as illustrated by a strongly bimodal birth-weight distribution at young gestational ages for Mexican Americans. Further studies on the LBW paradox among Mexican Americans should thus focus on gestational age more than on birth weight. Am J Epidemiol 2000;152:347–51."

  13. Did she even have license plates to run? I'm guessing from her ethnicity she had temp tags.

    And for those self-righteous politically correct d-holes who are about to call me racist? Drive around and count temp tags and note the race of the driver. Driving while black? More like driving with a "temp tag/pull me over" sign in the window.

  14. Seriously Tony. You have got to get your racial issues under control. Stop being a crybaby victim. You're not even black, in case you need to be reminded of that. You don't get to cash in on the "I'm a po black victim " train just because you don't like Elton John.

    Is it your hatred of white people? Are you jealous of white people? Do you wish you were white? What's the story?

    This broken ass fucking crybaby record of yours is PATHETIC.

  15. I've love Elton John's music!!!

  16. its rare that you'll see a white guy doing the drive by shootings as to the african american neighborhoods.

  17. Tony you did an good job with this post.

    And I am surprised that so many people on this blog are saying that there's nowhere on the Eastside to get an abortion. That's simply a lie.

    You raise plenty of good points on this issue and you did a great job making your case. Keep up the great work and keep making these White People mad.

  18. Great job with this post Tony. You have to laugh in amazement at what racists like "I license my vehicles" said. We are talking about an African-American lady with a higher education than all of you added together. She was a school principal for crying out loud which requires at minimum a Master's degree. So before you make your thug-like attacks check your facts.

    Its funny how the front cars dash cam suddenly "wasn't functioning properly". You can clearly hear the lady on the video scared, crying and telling police that she is pregnant before they made her lay down on her stomach.

  19. The police have about 50 ways to arrest someone; but only a couple are reasonable and correct for each given situation. Although it was obvious that she was no threat, if they really wanted to cuff and search her in an appropriate and reasonable manner for the situation, the correct procedure would have been to have the lady turn around, place her hands slowly behind her lower back to be handcuffed (crossed and palms up) and cross her feet, taking any "suspected" threat away from her hands and feet.

    Go back through training 8:04 and 8:40.

    This lady deserves to take them to court and should win.

  20. midtownwhore,

    My original statement stands. Go count those temp tags and then come back and call me racist. And then I'll call you blind.

  21. And I am surprised that so many people on this blog are saying that there's nowhere on the Eastside to get an abortion. That's simply a lie.

    Where on the Eastside can you get an abortion?

  22. "where on the eastside can you get an abortion?"

    about 1/4 block west of troost on cleaver II boulevard. is that east enough for you guys?

  23. about 1/4 block west of troost

    The eastside starts at Troost. So the Brous center is not on the eastside.

  24. Hey the news is the POLICE screwed up big time this time. They gonna pay, and pay and of course we are the ones who will be asked to pass another tax bill to support the POLICE.
    No new tax money until they learn how to treat people.
    The Funk is going to ask for a renewal of the one cent sales tax to fix up streets and stuff --tell him NO not until the POLICE are trained to treat people like people should be treated. NO

  25. Thank you, 12:02 am. And, seriously, anon#1? "a woman 6 months pregnant can certainly lay on her belly"?
    Obviously written by a dude.

  26. Paintman,

    It's rare you'll see a black kid committing a school-shooting, Columbine type of crime. It's also rare you'll see a black serial killer. It's also rare you'll see black people making trailor homes into Crystal Meth labs. However, nothing justifies police mistreatment or harassment.

    Besides, when was the last time a pregnant woman, riding with her two children in the car, committed a drive-by shooting? I'm betting that the number is quite comparable to that of white women in the same situation. Yet, this is the second time a pregnant woman has been manhandled by the police in Kasas.

    The majority of the other comments here were too ignorant to even address. I guess in-breeding starts to take its toll after a few consecutive generations. Maybe you folks should get out more.

  27. Twice I have been stopped and never was I asked to lie on the ground or put my hands on anything. One time the cop ran my tags and could not find my car registered ANYWHERE. Other time, my registration had expired completely. My car could have been impounded. I WAS NOT EVEN GIVEN A TICKET. Why? Because I'm a reasonably cute white girl in my 30's. Oh, and the second time I had USAA insurance so the cop thought my husband was military. At least I am not too much of an idiot to realize that I enjoy white skin privilege, but that does NOT make it right or fair. BMC90


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