Monday, June 11, 2007

Someone please kill the Kelsey Coverage!!!

They found Kelsey, sadly she was dead. They caught the suspect, he has been charged. There are a ton of memorials to demonstrate what a huge value this society places on the life of a white woman . . . Fine, but it's no longer front page news and it's not important in the context of the impact it has on people living in this city . . . The motorcycle rally around the suburbs was the kicker . . . If the thing gets any whiter they'll plan a country music concert and cross burning . . . Besides, grieving is best done in private anyway . . . There is still work to do finding other missing white broads!!!


the unthinking lemming said...

Why don't *you* be the first to stop exploiting the story?

Anonymous said...

"Why don't *you* be the first to stop exploiting the story?"

Well, but, then who would whine about coverage of "missing white broads"?

I mean, how "white" of the unthinking lemming" to say such an obviously "white" thing.

We "white" people, pfah.

Leave it to someone blabbing about race be racist.

the unthinking lemming said...

Seeing as this is the second post of the day from Tony on this subject, it would seem that the chance of "missing white broad" stories disappearing any time soon is quite remote.

You'll have to do more to explain the comment about my "white"-ness. Pointing out Tony's hypocrisy has to do with race merely because that is the shallow nature of this blog. *shrugs*
Perhaps Tony can enlighten us about all of the missing people of color that the mainstream press is ignoring. But no, that might be real journalism.

Dana said...

Yes, I should be ashamed of myself for being affected by the brutal murder of an innocent child. (At my age, 18 is a child.)

And all those bikers--how dare they show support and sympathy?

FYI, I see this site is dedicated to humor? Your comment:

"If the thing gets any whiter they'll plan a country music concert and cross burning . "

Don't quit your day job -- it's not funny or insightful.

Bryan. said...

People are touchy today I see.

Anonymous said...

Touchy? Not really.

But just read Tony's post. It's self-righteous ("grieving is best done in private" ---umm...who is Tony to be telling others how to grieve?) , callous and reeks of political correctness ("white broads") .

And I repeat--- for a "humor" blog, it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

It is a darkly comic double meaning that she was abducted at a TARGET.

OP kids don't smear themselves all over the highway like they used to- so this is a nice way for the high school to pull together in the fall and pretend that they really liked someone.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that 400 bikers raised $4,000 by driving around in a circle? Umm, $4,000? 400? Doesn't that come to a big $10 per rider? That's probably less than they spent on gas.

Anonymous said...

Dana - Tony has no day job.

other said...

Bikers have their heads up their asses anyways. You'd have to be be stupid or crazy to ride motorcycles in todays traffic. They act like highschool punks going to teentown, trying to prove to everyone how cool they are.
And remember, bikers have a significant higher amount of narcs in their groups than other social circles.