Mott-ly Memorial Parade Montage

Local artist Mott-ly recently died, Kansas City's hipster and artist community came out in full force to mourn him. Present Magazine features an especially haunting series of photos from a gathering of the guy's friends and some of the regular faces around KC's art scene paying tribute to the beloved local man.


  1. Everyone wore specially made ironic t-shirts for the occasion. It was truly touching.

    After the funeral parade they had the ceremonial breaking of the tortoise shell glasses to symbolize the dead breaking through into the land of dead hipsters past.

  2. Local photographer Chris Thomas has some great pictures from this even on his flickr account:

  3. Also, Michael Forester has some good ones too:

    In case you didn't know, these two cover a lot of KC events. And they're quite talented. Chris just had a show at Mott-ly's gallery in February.


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