Just say no to nepotism: Sweet Tart Tara is bothering people with better things to do

Because you are one of the many busy, important and attractive people who read this blog, you probably don't have time to read the tripe that the Funkhouser Administration is posting on their blog.

Well, you're only missing out on one important thing . . . The diary of Mayor Funky's Daughter.

Sadly, it's not as scintillating or EROTIC as I had hoped from a liberal broad going to college back East but her sense of entitlement is astounding.

And before I go any further . . . I have to stress that I had some reservations about writing a hit piece regarding the Mayor's daughter but those concerns were slowly put to rest by the fact that the Mayor himself has offered her up as "one of his representatives" and if she's old enough to hang out at Westport clubs showing lots of cleavage then she's old enough to be called on the B.S. her family has pulled on Kansas City.

Just like Mayor Funky's witchy wife, I don't remember anybody voting for Tara the Tart.

Her recent excursions all over City government (escorted by that sellout Crispin-what's-his-name who has been seen so close to her that he could probably get a whiff of her drawers by simply inhaling) have elicited quite a bit of grumbling and nasty e-mails to TKC about the appropriateness of her prancing around City Hall like she owns the place.

Even worse, Mayor Funky has sent her out to meet with community leaders who have also expressed a bit of discontent that their concerns are being met by somebody on summer break . . . Neighborhood leaders have worked years to build relationships with their community and City Hall, most of them are older folks and having a 20 something tart show up to "hear their concerns" is tantamount to an insult - Mayor Funky would know stuff like this if he hadn't been hiding under his desk for the past 30 years and wasn't just getting his feet wet when it comes to community relations.

Additionally, I think this is yet another example that Mayor Funky isn't at all loyal to his propaganda about "regular folks" given that he's running his office like a family business. For a moment, lets forget that rumors are swirling around that he has actually turned to his wife during public meetings and asked "What do you think?" And let's just focus on his hottie daughter (yeah!) . . . It's the perfect example of white privilege . . . There are undoubtedly young women who are being denied the opportunity to serve in City government because Tara's daddy wanted her to see how his office worked while other interns or more qualified people who could be doing the same thing that Sweet Tart Tara does are sent to the back of the line . . . I'm no feminist but I'm pretty sure that having a broad's Daddy put her in a prominent position related to City Affairs is probably one of the classic attributes of the patriarchy.

And to put it plain and simple: It's pissing people off. City employees, Neighborhood leaders and community activists have better things to do than babysit the Mayor's twenty something daughter. As I noted previously, City government isn't a family business and it's not a project suitable for a "How I spent my summer vacation" essay either. If the Mayor's office wasn't filled with inexperienced people, yes men and women who are VERY interested in Tarot Cards then they probably would have advised the Mayor more carefully on this topic and kept Sweet Tart Tara from interloping at City Hall.


  1. Tara's writing style is terrible--she should have chosen to attend summer school instead of "working" in her dad's office.

  2. OMG. That's like so boring, Tara. *Yawn*

  3. "Neighborhood leaders" and "community activists" are just nice sounding names for people who make their living from various grants, sweetheart deals, non profits etc. If the Funk has decided to thumb his nose at those people so be it. The men and women who slug it out each day in the private sector are the ones who ultimately support everyone else. And THEY elected Funkhouser.

  4. Tony are you prosessed by the Devil or you are just lonely???

  5. Sounds like somebody is mad because their mom was denied a job by the Mayor's Office. Again you are jealous that a young latino is working for the Mayor of Kansas City and all you have done is bounce around from alternative newspapers. Nevertheless-blogging must pay well....

  6. OMG I izzz so madz dat dee black dudez is not elected Mayorzzzz! I shallz bitch and moanz foreverzzz!!!

    Because I am sure racest Tony here would give Alvin Brooks a free ride.

  7. How many tours is this broad going to take? Is she Funky's offical tour taker?

    I'm gonna have to get pretty drunk to feel up this chick. But if that is what the people want, "when is Rome is what momma used to say"

  8. you are so over the line here that you are ruining anything you might have built up, you are throwing away your talent tony. it is sad to watch.

  9. wow 10:07 anonymous, racist much? This is why KC will never be a world class city. disgusting.

  10. Anonymous - you obviously don't spend much time in community service - neighborhood activists, community leaders, board members are 99% volunteers - people who care about the community and give their time because they want to make a difference. Get some facts before you spout opinion. What exactly have YOU done in the last three months to help your community?

  11. The fact that Tara and Crispin don't know what a proforma is is a bit disturbing, considering the fact that they're "in charge" of taking care of the youth center...
    I get more and more ashamed of myself for supporting the Funky every week.

  12. you should be ashamed of yourself ... for using words like "proforma."

  13. Alan Birch,

    Sean O'Byrne doesn't know what a Pro Forma statement is either. He just likes to throw "big words" around to impress twenty something daddy's girls.

    Disturbing to me is the fact that Funk is concentrating on creating a teen nightclub? Yeah that's smart. What these "bored" teens need is a kick in the ass. Sometimes it sucks to be a teenager. That's life.

    Even if sweet little Tara manages to put together a "teen center" none of the troublemakers are going to use it.

  14. Tony, why are you so concerned about the Latino community?

    According to the undergraduate daughter of our overlord, they have "like the nicest lunch ever" with ceasar salads.

    Yeah, I don't remember voting for her either. This might be a trend that happens when you vote type-B males into public office you buy all the women whispering in his ears.

    Or as more racist people say about mexicans and their proclivity to show up in packs to fight you unfairly: fuck with one bean, get the whole burrito.

  15. Actually Tony you makes a good point. I hope it isn't lost in your sarcasm. No one voted for the Mayor's wife or his daughter to have so much influence and sway in his office. I remember working with Mr. Funkhouser when he was auditor and I never witnessed his wife come to his office. I don't know why he needs them in his affairs so much right now.

  16. Great post Tony, Great Response Charles.

    All of these comments attacking Tony are nothing more than a few Funk fans that unlike the majority of his voting base are continuing to wash his feet. He has no political capital and winning by less than 1,000 votes and having the city council stand against him already gives him no mandate.

    Someone tell George Bush's long lost brother to wake up. Nobody voted for his wife or daughter. And we are already aware that he was the wrong man for the job.

  17. Great Blog Tony. In the city code or charter there is a nepotism clause that restricts his wife and daugther from working there. Since Funkhouser and his staff do not know this among everything else that they have no clue about, we should expect many other phenomenal posts from you.

  18. "Funkhouser and his staff do not know this among everything else that they have no clue about, we should expect many other phenomenal posts from you."

    Phenomenal posts?! I love it when Tony posts as "anonymous."

    You can go back to, uh, whatever it is you were doing, Tony.

  19. I love to jab Tony because some of his hatred for the mayor was clearly because his mom didn't get a job.

    But this Mayor is especially bad with the nepotism. This is troubling since he was elected as an 'outsider' who would 'clean up city hall'.

    I don't mind the daughter going out and listening to the community and passing it back to her dad. But she shouldn't be taking up the time (on our dollar, natch) of the KC govt administrators and workers simply so she can discover that stuff happens in KC.

  20. Waste your time on the little stuff. Spend any political collateral you can on pettiness. See where it will get you.

  21. hey charles i didn't vote for all the special interest TIF faggotry that went on under K Barnes either. So what if the Mayors wife and kid hang around city hall.

    anon 3:19: werd.

  22. OK. I try to stay out of this because I don't live in KC. I just work there.

    But from a purely journalistic standpoint, if you want to call bullshit on the mayor for his policies, or his staff appointments, or his positions on issues...go nuts. Have fun.

    If you think his wife and daughter shouldn't be involved in Official City Business, that's a point of view that is not without merit and I'm sure you could find adequate legal precedent to illustrate why that is the case. You are a smart and resourceful guy.

    But I think making comments like "Mayor Funky's witchy wife" and "Tara the Tart" have nothing to do with discussions about civic policy. I think they are mean-spirited, over the top and only serve to detract from whatever legitimate point you are trying to make.

    I know you repeatedly point out that "TKC is a joke/humor blog. Do not read this page unless you have a sense of humor and a good looking mother."

    But if you called my wife a witch and my daughter a tart because you disagreed with my position on light rail or TIF policies, I wouldn't find that to be journalistically informative or particularly funny.

    I luv ya Tony (no homo). I wouldn't be a blogger if it weren't for your inspiration and encouragement.

    But sometimes I find myself wishing that you would stop trying to be so important and influential and just go back to being funny.

    Sorry, man.

  23. Bring back Kay Barnes. At least her family didn't "work" at City Hall, and they didn't embarass us.(never thought I'd support Barnes but she was better than da Funk.)

  24. How much deeper does the embarassment have to get...this guy is so over his head that he doesn't even know he's drowning, and taking the City with him. Read KC magazine this month. The interview with Gloria...she is obviously just about settling scores, such as when she didn't get promoted, and it was all about "politics"...she gratuitously insults every neighborhood in town except Bookside...and most Brooksiders are increasingly distressed that this West Virginia clan claims Brookside as their home.
    These are dark times for a City that just a few months ago was viewed as on the move.

  25. "But sometimes I find myself wishing that you would stop trying to be so important and influential and just go back to being funny."

    Tony used to be funny?

  26. Xavier Onassis...hit the nail on the head.

    Also agree with Anon 12:46 AM. Not much humor, cleverness, or insight. It's just more angry gossip all the way around.

    The only reason I read TKC is because I keep hoping something will come up that will help me see an issue in a new way. But it's the same old shit here as everywhere else....except this time it's a Latino with the racist blog.

    Too bad...

  27. Richard Wagner2/18/11, 10:32 AM

    I notice on the blog it says " be nice"

    This directive, made by this Tony person is a contrast to the content of this blog:the farthest thing from "nice". So, 'be nice' is this Tony person's attempt at irony. Successful attempt at being snarky, if being snarky is a point of pride.

    So, what happened? You tried to hit on Tara Funkhouser, and got turned down? How old is this Tony person?

    All of the comments about Tara and the Funkhouser family are meanspirited, petty,and ignorant and say more about you than the victims of your petty comments.


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