"Sodomy for Hire" and popular prostitution arrest photos on Wichita site

The woman pictured above is innocent of any crime as far as I know. However, she was recently arrested for "Sodomy for Hire" in Wichita and her photo is available to the public online as part of a popular new page in the Wichita area aimed at preventing prostitution.

Right, look at that photo real close and tell me what this woman needs is public humiliation.

Surprisingly, there are a couple of photos of broads arrested for similar infractions who don't look that bad at all.

But the main purpose of the site isn't to rate the ALLEGED hos in Wichita but to scare you straight!!!

Long ago Local authorities once used this tactic in Kansas City and obviously it (JohnTV) stopped all prostitution in the metro area. Maybe not and I don't condone prostitution purely for public health reasons first and foremost . . . Still, I wonder if shaming people for allegedly committing "Sodomy for hire" (no matter how hilarious that sounds) is not far less productive than reaching out to these women (with something more than a 20 dollar bill) and providing some help via groups like Veronica's Voice that have achieved some success in Kansas City but haven't yet worked their way to smaller, surrounding towns.


  1. So, what's the going rate for taking it in the toot-hole.

  2. I picked up my last whore thanks to this site. I picked out one who looked pretty good and hit the town until I found her, but not on the whore row. After I spotted her I followed her to Walmart and made the connect there. When they say sodomy for hire they are right. Thanks WPD


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