Folks camp out for confusing game show

For some unexplainable reason KSHB offers footage of really bored local folks lined up and even camping out for an open casting call for the show Deal or No Deal in Kansas City, Kan. Monday night.

And while I like the show's premise - competing against an invisible banker that's working against you (Illuminati in the house!!!) - I don't think I'd bother to compete on the show because I've never seen anybody take home a huge amount of money and host Howie Mandel is probably such a germaphobe that I wouldn't get a chance to offer a stink palm to him after I lost.


  1. $750,000 is not a lot of money to you?

  2. I actually auditioned for this although I didn't spend the night, thats a little psycho. It was a good experience and I plan on blogging about it in the next day or two.


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