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Rich Bitch Bitches
- Blog KC reports that Julia Irene Kauffman is pissed that she can't plan this town like she's decorating one of her many living rooms. Strange that this city didn't just go ahead and bow down to the moneyed maven (of nothing in particular) but I guess there is more cash to be earned taking the side of speculative condo developers selling hope than there is in defending a rich broad who also wants public support for her pipe dream.

"Maybe we're just more discreet here"
- This local blogger explains why Overheard in KC has not yet captured a huge audience like it's counterparts in other cities. Frankly, I think it's a good idea but I think of the time what people will report hearing in this town is something like "Damn, I shouldn't have eaten that." Or, "They want how much for that three bedroom house? Well, I can't wait for the real estate bubble to burst and I hope they burn in Hell."

Pop Quiz about Kansas City
- All right hot shot, this local blogger points you to a way to test your knowledge about this town. Bonus: Name more than two local leaders "of color" (read: darkies) and you can add 20 points to your score. 50 points if one of those leaders is Asian.

- I'm running out of hokey analogies for "out of this world" and the amazing ass photos that Mac from Post Human Blues is posting but the point is that you should buy his book and read his blog because the guy is brilliant and we can all agree that we love boobies no matter what our opinions are on extraterrestrial life or the paranormal.

TFK: Bush budget scrapped 9,790 new border patrol agents.
- You don't have to be a scientist, like this Lawrence blogger, to figure out the difference between cheap political gestures to mollify the Republican base and a serious effort to formulate an immigration policy. Also, serious anti-immigration advocates should try yelling at the birds and telling them where to fly today to give them some perspective on the issue. Over the weekend I did a little reading on the subject and found out that the number of "illegals" is more like 20 million. God Bless you Ronald Reagan.


  1. Best hocky analogy for PHB's post: "It takes a quick stick to penetrate a tight crease."


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