President of the Kansas City school board in racism controversy

David Smith is ordered to pay $60,000 in punitive damages for illegally retaliating against a former employee after she accused him of racism. She claims that Smith told her not to hire a white woman and a Hispanic man based solely on their race.

Smith is running unopposed for re-election to the Kansas City school board.

It's not too much of a jump in logic to think that he would bring this same kind of thinking to the KC School District as well. Obviously, the racism of Smith and his ilk (read: the Black middle class) is apparent with a more than a 50% drop-out rate among Latinos in the KC School District and few remaining white students willing to endure the travesty of KC schools.

Ironically, it was a Black woman who turned in Smith and was subsequently awarded damages while students in the KCMO school district must settle for racist and inept leadership from their school board officials. However, don't let any of the pecking order politics damper your Black History Month or disrupt your hatred of the white man.


  1. Tony,
    try this one on for size...
    this shitbag Smith is a bigot and not a racist. Most Americans are bigots and very, very few are racists. Bigots have an unwarranted predjudice against people and will do anything is their power to underserve the people that they don't like.

    a racist makes capital and capital descisions manifested from the ethnic diffusion of people. a racist can created the atmosphere that a level of privilege exists for a particular ethnic group. the bigot buys into that reality and wants to embrace the notion.

    just similiar to a true capitalist there are very few racists. how many people do you know that have the capital of a DuPont or a Carnegie? we are all just bigots swimming around in the jism of a few greedy capitalists.

    we are just consumers and cowards

  2. Damn, I can't disagree. Because I don't.

    Reminds me of a post you did awhile back that was most likely one of the best thing written about rap in 2005:

    Regular blog readers should know that Dallas is sure to have a perspective on stuff that is groundbreaking.


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