Funny Man

Local comic Bradley Meehan has blog entitled "The Shaky Voice" that's worth reading. This local blogger was recently voted Kansas City's funniest person of 2005. I'm guessing that he just beat out "Precious Doe" and her family. Kidding . . . now that's comedy fuckers!!!

Anyway, the site is a great way to keep up with his comedy career and some of his locals shows along with a few keen insights. My favorite: Tips for pumpkin carving.

Alternately, this site provides a great target to clandestinely hope for someone's failure as they are actually trying to do something with their life. Enjoy your snack cakes.


  1. Thanks for the tip Tony, he is a funny guy.

  2. Thanks for the nice message, Tony.

  3. Brad's blog is hilarious. He's going to be on the Big Dumb Fun Show in a week or so.



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