Thursday, February 09, 2017

Kansas City Dead Tree Media Scribe Sends Smoochies: Kraske Loves Kander

Late at night and I'm tired of your lies, here's local tribute to "news" that everybody else covered two days ago, now the subject of newspaper love . . .

Steve Kraske: Kander pushing back against voter suppression laws

The adoration is understandable along with the hyperbolic praise . . . We all need to have heroes. What's repugnant about this piece is the illusion of access given that part of Jason Kander's "winning" strategy in a losing campaign was to avoid answering any local media questions or offering many interviews. Mr. Kander took his case directly to MSNBC and didn't stoop to the level of talking to many regional or local newsies . . . To be fair, most people only see Sen. Blunt on TV and usually looking like the guy at a very nice party that nobody wants to get stuck talking to . . . But the illusion of access is dangerous for both pundits and newsreaders to believe . . . Fact is, successful politicos keep real journalists, pundits and media people at a safe distance and this should work both ways.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Kandy Ass Kander need to find a good job!

Anonymous said...

In Kander's increasingly desperate attempt to stay politically relevant as a losing Democrat in a redder and redder state, he'll need a much better issue than "voter suppression".
Voter registration is one thing, but turn-out is something else, and it's generally way way down because the public has figured out that most of the candidates are like Kander and are just overly ambitious empty suits who just can't force themselves to get regular jobs and disappear from public view.
Campaigns, op-ed pieces, cable television, town hall meetings:
It never ends.

Anonymous said...

Booker T. and Pocahontas didn't help Kander. Kraske is a no name.

Anonymous said...

trying to sell motion as news. it's not.

Anonymous said...

The local newspaper hadn't changed much after its supposed makeover.

The writers are retreads.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kander has tapped into big funding on this schtick and that's why he's pursuing it: money.

Anonymous said...

This is merely follow-up to Kraske's previous adulation over Kander.

Does anyone remember the Kraske article in which he tells a tall tale of Kander telling him back in the day that he was going to run for Secretary of State, win, and then run for Senate? Kraske's lies were designed to make Kander out as some kind of political wunderkind psychic.

Let there be no doubt whatsoever that Kraske is and has always been firmly in the Democrat camp. Jason and Diana Kander don't have to work to hard in manipulating KC media to give them positive press because they're all singing from the same hymnal.

After his U.S. Senate loss, Kander really showed his true self by abandoning Missouri and going Hollywood.

If he actually cared about public service to MO residents wouldn't he be IN Missouri doing something like teaching kids, serving in the Missouri National Guard, building affordable housing, using his law degree to aid the poor and disadvantaged? Instead, he's living off his wife's money, ignoring his child, and chasing fame from strangers.