Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kansas City Metro Behind The Badge

We've followed the career of Chief Alber for quite some time (since he first earned action figure status) and today he's the subject of a Nice human interest story about a South Kansas City area police fam that's worth a look. Consider it the nice link of the day: Police chief's video shows life beyond the badge


Anonymous said...

Lived in Garden City for a couple years,outside city limits out in the sticks.
Met the chief a couple time's,still can't figure out for the love... What's the facination with this dude??

You know about 30 more miles and you are AT Truman Lake..He is hardly Metro,at all..WTF??

When are we gonna hype the chief of Urich and find a bullshit post for him to man? Stupid crap.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Don't be jelly hater. You'll get your moment in the sun someday.

Anonymous said...

Already have, Dummy
You have no clue.

Tell me what was your sunniest day, in the past year , and i'll tell you mine.DEAL?? Gotta be honest.If your's was better,we'll both know , either way

Anonymous said...