Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Kansas City is buying more streetcars but public relations hype about overwhelming demand is a half truth at best.

To wit . . .


The story about high demand as the reason behind the purchase was nothing more than government sponsored propaganda manufactured by consultants and believed only by fools.

At the start of this week our blog community put local ridership numbers in perspective and more than a few local denizens confirm that the toy train is really just a weekend tourist trap with numbers that are obviously rigged given the more conservative estimates of bigger, better cities.

But it gets worse . . .

Remember that the Kansas City toy train has suffered a string embarrassing of breakdowns since opening weekend.

Electrical problems, overheating and track trouble culminated when AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS WERE THE FIRST TO REVEAL THE SHOCKING TOW TRUCK FAIL OF THE TOY TRAIN STREETCAR!!!



This bit of photo PROOF is more than enough evidence to demonstrate that the streetcar is a LEMON now local taxpayers are getting railroaded for the cost of adding to the fleet.

But if pictures aren't enough, here's the word from a KICK-ASS TOP ECHELON INSIDER on the topic:

"I'm honestly surprised nobody even bothered to question the need for the purchase. Seriously, it was easier than taking candy from a baby and everybody just stood there and accepted the reason as fact. Never have I seen a room full of people so eager to believe something that hasn't been verified or audited once. We're talking about tens of millions of dollars here and I'm actually a supporter of the streetcar but to make that kind of decision based on somebody's word sets a dangerous precedent at City Hall . . ."

And so . . . Without voter approval and at a HORRIFIC COST added to the line that's now approaching a TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR PRICE TAG . . . The double down on the streetcar continues without an independent audit or any checks or balances to protect taxpayers.

One more time for the cheap seats . . .


What's worse is that NOBODY BUT OUR AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY questions the hype or morality of buying more streetcars when there are fewer police officers on the street in the midst of a 7-year-high murder spree.

Sadly, the selfish, despicable and greedy streetcar advocates and consultants continue to move Kansas City further down the track to bankruptcy in order to keep this money train moving along.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Thinking back. I haven't read one negative article about the streetcar in the paper. Ever. I don't think they've published one bad thing. That's not just odd, that's an anomly and doens't compare to coverage of any other event like this. Heck, it's like they're reporting on the Royals or something.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar = Scam.

Anonymous said...

No independent audit, no checks or balances. We must take Sly's word for it. No disagreement allowed.

Nobody ever said...

I ride the streetcar every day to work!

Anonymous said...

Toot clunk clunk flop.

Anonymous said...

oh what have we here? Yet another streetcar post totally unsupported by any facts or evidence?

Just more nebulous "social media" claims?

No list of breakdowns compared to the total number of trips made?


No list?

No proof whatsoever then?

Aww, well too bad. I guess the claims presented can't be taken seriously.

Just some noisy whiny baby who's not getting his way I guess.

Anonymous said...

He posted a picture!


One picture, Tony? That's all you've got?

Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words, trolley boy. In your case maybe more like ten thousand.

Anonymous said...

It's what is known as an Informal Fallacy. An informal fallacy occurs when the contents of an argument's stated premises fail to adequately support its proposed conclusion.

Anonymous said...

So I go to lunch with a friend downtown and we take the streetcar a few blocks to the crossroads and then back. Counts for 4 trips but other than it was convenient and free for us what has it accomplished? We could have had lunch downtown, we could have used Uber, we could even have walked. But somehow taking free transportation is saving KC.

Anonymous said...

The Max bus serves the same route as the streetcar and much more. So why do we need a streetcar, just so that a few hipsters can ride it for free?

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of a Mexican fucking a goat.

Therefore, using Botellian Logic, we can conclude all Mexicans fuck goats.

Therefore there can't be any dissenting opinions about Mexicans fucking goats since I saw a picture.

I therefore conclude that MEXICANS FUCK GOATS CONSTANTLY!!

- Graduate, Tony Botello School of Reasoning

Anonymous said...

Streetcar mostly runs for weekends. What a ripoff!

Anonymous said...

David Johnson reasoning teaches to pay his consulting fees first and ask questions never.

Anonymous said...

I think thia specifically is the "proof by example" fallacy.

Proof by example (also known as inappropriate generalization) is a logical fallacy whereby one or more examples are claimed as "proof" for a more general statement.

This fallacy has the following structure, and argument form:


I know that X is such.

Therefore, anything related to X is also such.

Yeah one picture is enough to convince a simpleton maybe that THE STREETCAR BREAKS DOWN CONSTANTLY but not me.

Sorry losers.

Anonymous said...

Boy it sure is easy to disassemble faulty reasoning and factless arguments...isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Streetcar broken down again? Or are you just waiting 20 minutes while it's stuck in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar broken down opening weekend too. Hoe do you explain that?

Anonymous said...

here's the deal:
the streetcar line down Main is/was a poor choice. development was already there. running 4 streetcars through a choked traffic artery results in slow turn/transit times. they 'think' they need more streetcars [because at peak demand times, tourists have to wait longer] but it is because the streetcars are stuck in traffic...duh, and not circulating quickly enough. I drive Uber for fun, and have picked up more riders downtown that are tired of waiting on the streetcar and just want to get back to their cars! No one wants to admit that it was designed poorly, but that's my biggest argument against the streetcar, and that it was a rigged vote to begin with!RP

Witt said...

Nice to have the group from Parsons & company here with us. We'll be kicking your ass all day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like YOU got your ass kicked by people who can think critically.

Witt said...

That b.s. babble doesn't convince anyone. You were kicked out of Brookside and your little train us mostly empty on the weekday. The money is running out and so are your excuses.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a fee for the streetcar? If we had a toll then we could accurately gauge a lot more than just ridership. We could get a better handle on wait times and peak hours. The way we are doing it now just isn't scientific at all. Very low tech.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole streetcar stuff sucks but I can see the need for more cars. The system has got to get its transit times down. I was able to walk from 9th street to 18th without a streetcar catching up at a stop so I could hop on. And that was including a 7-10 minute wait at a stop. If they are going to expand this, then it definitely becomes transit at that point & not "eco devo" tools. Folks need to be able to use it to go to work & 30-45 trip from Midtown to Downtown would be unacceptable.

Manti Te'o's Girlfriend said...

I ride the darn thing all the time and it is really packed. I am actually texting you from a crowded and uncomfortable area, standing in the rear (MICROAGGRESSION!!!) with Brian Williams. It is packed!! I see a lot of famous people on here too!! The other day, after we dodged some sniper fire, I saw Hillary Clinton on here with Anthony Weiner. They were both on their phones, so I didn’t bother them.

It’s packed I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Remember this when your streets aren't plowed or salted. Streets deemed too icy to drive and kids snowed in and you lose pay. Love that trolley then.

Anonymous said...

Your light bill, gas, water go up so high, you can barely afford to eat of feed the children. Food banks will be packed even in the cold and snow. New trolleys. Catch a bus then or walk. You'll have to.

Anonymous said...


Kansas City is full of Degenerate "NAIVE" Clueless Communist Liberals, who question nothing and Always accept whatever the Communist regime who holds office ( that being MAYOR SLY JAMES) tell them !!

So, all that Propaganda , HYPE, and bullshit rhetoric that spews from Mayor Sly James and his staff and KCMO City Hall Degenerates are exactly how a "COMMUNIST Regime" works, thru lies, hype and "Manipulation" !!!

That's how they get by with the dirty deeds they do, and continue to "RAPE" the Tax Payers constantly out of their Tax Dollars !

They will always DENY that tho, thru more Lies & Rhetoric followed up with even more LIES & Bullshit Spin !

FACT : KCMO Mayor Sly James is a Communist, look at how he operates and has operated and continues to operate !

Then look at O'bama, how he operates and his Disasterous leadership he has brought the Nation to.

Mayor Sly James worships that "Pathetic COMMUNIST O'bama" , seriously, Mayor SLY JAMES aspires to be just like him and everything he does.

How DARE YOU Question or call out anything they do, they will claim your a Racist, Bigot and all kinds of other vile shit,, as they attempt to throw up all kinds of shields for them to hide behind for their phony tactics of Decieving the American people / TAX PAYERS !

These "Communists", like Mayor Sly James & O'bama will lie, and do everything they can to Decieve the entire community thru Deciept as much as possible !!

Their end goal is to Bankrupt and Destroy everything and take as much Money as possible from the Citizens thru raising TAXES, all kinds of TAXES for all thru all kinds of phony agendas,,,, tho the MONEY never really goes into any of the supposed projects or agendas as they claimed !!!

Mayor Sly James is not Dangerous, but he is "STUPID DANGEROUS" as are most Communists !!

Mayor Sly James is totally for GUN CONTROL and would like to see all guns taken away from legal law abiding citizens,,, theres a reason for that
So, nobody can rise up against him and possibly take him out when they begin to push & Ram their full blown Communist agenda down the throats of all Americans everywhere,, that way they can get by with whatever and nobody will do anything about it to stop them !

Its Communist "DICTATORSHIP", thru lies & Deciept, as they enrich themselves and their corrupt cohorts at YOUR expense until you are dead ass broke and seeking a hand out from them for help, then they can control you even more !

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Meanwhile, these Communists make out like frickin Bandits thru all kinds of shady under the table deals that nobody knows about, until its exposed.

They will always DENY they are involved in any of this tho,,,

The Majority of Citizens are too Dumbed Down ignorant & Stupid and NAIBE to see this or comprehend much of this CORRUPTION & FRAUD to properly understand it ,,, until they are dead ass broke and their entire community is a total disaster, then they start asking questions and taking action !

Mayor Sly James needs to be removed from office, and I don't mean thru a recall or a vote either !

Sly James and his entire STAFF at city hall needs to submit thru an AUDIT from the STATE Auditors as well as several independent auditors to expose whats really going on.

The 1st CLUE that something is going on, that shouldn't be, is when they REFUSE to be Audited and attempt to put up any kind of Fight and resist, then you know they are DIRTY and Corrupt and there are things going on that shouldn't be !!!

Anonymous said...

Not a real surprise here, especially since this is coming from someone who has been successfully sued for libel. Checkit:

To wit:

Ths from a kickass tipster:


Keep posting the titty pics though basement boy.

Anonymous said...

Can KCMO afford to have the only free streetcar in the US??? Remember this when it comes time to vote on the infrastructure bond!

Steve Hanson said...

11:02 Well said. Democrats and liberals always fail to see the dangers of the progressive tax and spend agenda. Unfortunately, people are too fucking stupid (mainly blacks) to see this and continually vote dumb shits like Obama and Sly James into office.

Anonymous said...

Let those free-loading tourist pay for the new trolleys!

Anonymous said...

The streetcar management needs to take a look at ridership. It makes no sense to try to run empty trolleys up and down Main Street on weekdays. This is just wearing out the equipment. They could give the few riders on weekdays free passes for a ride on the Max to take care of their transportation needs.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming clear. We were originally told that the streetcar was not about moving people, but rather it would bring businesses and jobs to the area. Since that didn’t work, they are now saying it is about moving people. Only problem is that the Max bus is already in place to do this. We don’t need this duplication of service.

Anonymous said...

Why not leave the streetcar as a tourist amusement park ride and make buses free?

After all, developers and consultants get a free ride here, why not let people going to their jobs and who pay for all this touristy frou frou have some benefit of the city's largesse?

Anonymous said...

Trolley boy's got the herf derf machine in high gear today.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 11:04, it means nothing and you suck 100 times worse than TKC ever will.

Spin your hate anyway you want, it still carries no weight. On the other side of the matter, you still suck.

Look What Sly's Boy Said said...

paulwilsonkc says:
October 5, 2016 at 9:25 am
I can tell you this, I’m downtown multiple times a week and there is always ample riders any time I pass one of them.
I was downtown Saturday morning for an event, saw the street car 4 times, each time it was SRO! I don’t know how many events were going in Saturday, but it looked like a lot of families, certainly not city bus trolls…
As for the reported counts, I’m guessing you’re right. They are intentionally off to inflate the value of the next 5 cars and the next 5 miles of track!

Anonymous said...

Except 11:04 uses facts to back up his argument (that Tony's reputation is in the toilet).

Actual verifiable facts are pretty handy to have. They make you look like less of a shrill crank...although making Tony seem like less of a shrill crank is an impossible task.

I mean, that all happened, didn't it? Sued? Lost? Yeah. No denying that.

So less pictures. More statistics. Number of trips versus verifiable equipment failures.

Got those numbers?


No numbers?

Aww, too bad. Back to "crank" status.

Anonymous said...

12:19 – you are right about management intentionally inflating their estimated ridership numbers, but by a factor of 3 or 4? Those folks have zero creditability!

Anonymous said...

This streetcar could have been purchased in America, in Kansas. Instead we went to Spain. Anyone have a clue what nuts and bolts from Spain cost? Just another failure in fiduciary responsibility by your city government. said...

You used a personal experience or an isolated example (one photo) instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence.

It's often much easier for people to believe someone's testimony as opposed to understanding complex data and variation across a continuum.

Quantitative scientific measures are almost always more accurate than personal perceptions and experiences, but our inclination is to believe that which is tangible to us, and/or the word of someone we "trust" over a more 'abstract' statistical reality.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Are you saying that in an alternate universe the streetcar is an unqualified success?

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with the commenter about voting for the bond tax increase. As long as the streetcar is free and the city keeps pushing expansion I will vote against any proposed tax increases no matter what they are for.

If there truly is surplus (which I doubt) instead of spending the excess money on new toys how about returning it to the people who are paying it with the TDD assessment.

Anonymous said...

I think he's saying everyone's starting to realize Tony's arguments are fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

^^^ They make sense to me. I ride the streetcar during the week and there are usually about a half a dozen people on my train.

Where are these numbers coming from. TKC has photos, and he compared with other cities.

The only thing the streetcar people are offering is their word.

Anonymous said...

Do you think those KC ridership estimates might be off a little???

KC Streetcar = 6,800 daily riders

Seattle = 2,419 daily riders
Washington DC = 2,285 daily riders
Dallas = 300 daily riders
Atlanta = 1,000 daily riders
Salt Lake City = 1,000 daily riders

JoJo said...

I'm voting for the Crazy clown next election!

Make America Great Again said...

Need to add a dining car and a bar car to the streetcar!

Polar Bear said...

9:31am do you possibly have a photo of Tony fucking that goat ? Now that is must see viewing.

As for that fucking choo choo, the Bear was downtown on a recent trip into Killa City, heavily armed btw, when he witnessed a shit heel mill park his Mini Cooper piece of shit and open the door just in time to get the door folded back like a can of freshly opened tuna. Some funny shit. The Bear was laughing so hard he ran over a parking meter.

Anonymous said...


Look at the Correlation of these individuals and how they coincide with one another for an intended purpose !!

Look how KCMO Mayor SLY JAMES is attempting to Operate as Mayor of this City and all the Problems that has arose since he took office

from Major Violent Crime Spike to Massive mishandling of public TAX Funds

LOOK at how CHICAGO's Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been operating

City of Chicago constantly in the news, rather it be because of Violent Crime or mis deeds by the Mayors Office

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This is all part of the "COMMUNIST" Agenda and their Tactics that they are using , aside from all the lies & rhetoric and bullshit spin they spew constantly !!

Its very clear what their up to , if your intelligent & smart enough to fit the pieces of the puzzle together

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These Communists / Socialists are very Dangerous individuals and very Deceiving Scum Bastards !

I think you all know what to do if you see any of these Degenerate Communist Bastard TERRORISTS in public, as well as those they attempt to surround themselves with to protect them,,,,