Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Kansas City Sunday Night Link Look

And so tonight, after another Kansas City violent and deadly weekend in the midst of the contentious election season . . . We take a glimpse at the local news scene once again for late night new watchers.


Mexican Death Culture Dominates Cowtown
Kansas City Museum celebrates Día de los Muertos
Northland Political Slap Fight Recap Following TKC FIRST NEWS
Silvey V. Bechthold: Battle At The Courthouse And The Polls
Kansas City Hand Up For Hobo Soliders
Hundreds turn out to complete homes for Veterans Community Project
Sunflower State Fight For Supreme Court
Kansas judicial races drawing big money ad campaigns
Cowtown Fried Bread Finale
KC donut shop makes your favorites to order
And so . . .

This is an appropriate place to take a pause for Sunday night as we hope to return with more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate, discourse, our share of hateration and all kinds of good stuff for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

You can accurately state that Kansas City is changing. Few people would argue with you about that.

But can anybody argue that it's changing for the better?

Anonymous said...

95 murders, the only thing we're doing better is killing each other and cleaning up the bodies afterwards.

Anonymous said...

KCMO's going down the tubes.

But thankfully we have lot's of shiny new things to make it appear it isn't.

JoJo said...

I'll tell you this, KC has a lot of work to do this week if we're gonna prevent this homicide situation from getting out of control. It looks like we're depending on the weather to calm things down because there's not a lot that all of the so-called "community outreach" programs have been able to accomplish this year.

There has been some success. People have made calls on killers who have attacked children and the prosecutor has filed a lot of cases against criminals. But overall we see a revolving door in Jackson County and a jail system that's just in shambles, if we want to talk reform. That's where we have to start. Not with panic, hyperbole or all caps but with a clear sense of purpose that looks to reform to help our community and not just for political gain. Neither Frank White nor Sly James can do it by themselves, they need help and support from all of our elected officials beyond just a campaign but instead with a real commitment.

Anonymous said...

Giant QuikTrips for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Weez competin wit New York City!!

David Pumpkins said...

Nicely done me chappy. You have quite a talent for the blogging style. Kc seems like such a shitay place and very violent. You should be careful for Halloween. Any questions?

Anonymous said...


Best seat in the house = Kroes nest!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I gots me a question mate! 'ow much does ya suppose a Show-Me Institute post is worth? £100¿ £200¿¿ A shill is a shill in any language, eh?¿?

Anonymous said...

Hey T , I got tips out the ying,tips that will blow your slippers off,man

The only thing i want in return is a TONY'S KANSAS CITY t shirt, for being such a prolific peruser of this dump for the last 10 years...

Let's make it happen ! Waddaya think?


black or grey figure out the rest ,oh.. logo on the back , tkc front..You figure it out..Get on it quick like.


Anonymous said...

A KCPD favorite.

Anonymous said...

I read this blog because I hate my wife.