Monday, August 08, 2016

Public Radio White Lady Reports 'The Streets' Supporting KCPD Chief Forté And Quotes Former Player In Not-So-Long-Ago City Council Dude Man Chicken $15K Crisis

As always, we're willing to let bygones be bygones and we appreciate that KCUR shred a link to our blog community question about the questions over the viability of the current top cop . . . However, our relentless pursuit of the scoop (in between video gaming sessions) requires us to mention that their current report quotes an activist who might be doing great work but remains well-remembered for a disastrous event taking $15K worth funding from City Hall and starting a firestorm throughout KCMO which erupted on this blog and then the rest of the local and national media, natch.

Again, we've all moved on but when we talk about the Chief's urban core support, which is extensive . . . It also includes a great many municipally funded activists. You decide: On The Streets Of Kansas City, Police Chief's Remarks Strike A Chord


Anonymous said...

KCPD the "has been" police department.

Anonymous said...

Hate to hurt anyone's feelings but his remarks are indeed misguided, ridiculous, and uninformed. Interesting this so-called "reporter" didn't think it would add some much needed realism to her article if she interviewed the men and women who are out on the streets doing actual.police work and not throwing their colleagues under the bus.

Anonymous said...

Doing the same thing the same way with the same people and expecting a different result: Insanity.
Talking to those people in a year that has 62 murders at its mid-point and actually reporting what they have to say: Stupidity.
More hand-wringing do-gooderisms from what passes for the media in KCMO.