Thursday, July 21, 2016


About a week ago we reported on the waiting game against Mayor Sly James and his airport aspirations which focused on sprucing up one of the most beloved resources in Kansas City . . .

Now it's news:

Airport Committee meets to discuss immediate improvements to KCI
Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

yeah, this is what they need to do!

hope they'll put more bathrooms behind security.

a few days ago, in escorting someone to a flight, we found one person in the tsa line. with a first class ticket and the luck to have tsa pre, there was no advantage because of the non-existent line.

we joked about the humiliation of being from a city where there are practically no long lines at the airport and how a new airport to create long lines would be so much more prestigious.

Anonymous said...

5th Worst Run City in the Country is pretty accurate.

Sly's turning this place into a freaking mess. A better investment would be to put up new signs saying Highway To Hell as visitors leave KCI to head into town.

Anonymous said...

KCI needs more gold arrows in the floor to misdirect people.

The City Council needs more wasteful contracts to reward their friends.

If $28 million is not available, then settle for $7 million.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Here comes alternative con job AND DOG AND PONY SHOW #2

Anonymous said...

Will they hire JE Dunn or JE Dunn? Just curious. You decide!