Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kansas City Prayer Vigil Planned @ East Patrol

Last month our blog community revealed a spate of killings near Kansas City's East Patrol - A controversial building that was not not only $20 MILLION over budget but also displaced several residents.

Still, the recent mainstream media focus on deadly police shootings and a tragic massacre aimed at white people in Dallas has moved local clergy into action.

Check the notice:

Together We Stand Kanas City - Prayer Gathering

In light of the recent violence and hatred in our nation now is the time for the church to stand together in unity and to shine the love of Christ in a dark world. This is the time for the church to show the world what unity looks like. We are in terrible times, but we serve an awesome God.

Please join us in gathering for prayer and unity this Sunday, July 10th at 5 PM at the Kansas City Missouri Police East Patrol Campus gymnasium at 2640 Prospect Ave., KCMO 64127. Chief Forte and his team will share a proclamation and a diverse group of pastors and leaders will lead us in prayer.

Please join us as we unite for the good of our city and move toward action that will prayerfully lead to change.

Hope to see you there.

Pastor Gregory Ealey, Th.M, Pastor, Paseo Baptist Church/Executive Director, Elevate KC

Gary Schmitz Pastor, Executive Director, Citywide Prayer Movement

Pastor Cassandra Wainwright, Executive Director Concerned Clergy Coalition

Pastor L. Henderson Bell, President Baptist Ministers Union


Anonymous said...

Dig deep into your pockets for the reverend when the plate is passed around. Another useless vigil among the many useless vigils.

Anonymous said...

They will all sit around and tell each other how bad "Whitey" is and if it were not for "Whitey" they would all have jobs at NASA.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the pastors didnt show up to support the residents who were needlessly displaced by East Patrol. These pastors must need funding for something. That's the only time the ever show up anywhere. Seems to me its easier just to sign up for public assistance or welfare instead of carrying on with these vigils.

Anonymous said...

Jesus freaks never solved any community problem. Go away. God is not real. There are too many gulliable people in the world, especially blacks who dont know the history of Christianity. You cant be pro-Black and Christian.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they invite White Catholic priests to participate? The most racest people I know are black!

Anonymous said...

Police should turn their guns on clergy, not citizens that actually work for a living. When I think of thugs, I think of these cleric types.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry folks! Things are safer than they've ever been in Kansas City. Protests and vigils are simply a waste of time, especially when led by police and clergy who were all in support of throwing black people on the street and forcing some into bankruptcy. People suffer in a variety of ways resulting in death, not just those who are gunshot victims. Until we look hard and long at the aggregate, unnecessary suffering for up to and including political favors; vigils, clergy and police remain lawless adversaries. Isn't it ironic that they are gathering at the very spot that represents the violence (fires) and suffering influcted by the police when they announced East Patrol just a few short years ago? Nothing good can or will come from this vigil. They may get some local news airtime. The order of events include: 1. Money first, 2. Pandering politics, and 3. Pray for more money. Say cheese! Now back to your regularly scheduled propaganda, urban gunfights and stray bullets.