Tuesday, June 14, 2016


We're checking in once again with Kansas City's favorite transit activist this Tuesday as Clay Chastain claims an important victory against what many in our blog community called "political intimidation" now reconsidered by authorities @ 12th & Oak.

Here's 1ST WORD ON TKC directly from the source . . .

Press release: Mayor James, head of security, and city attorney remove Chastain from "Watch list."

Thank you note to: Mayor Sly James, head of security at city hall, and the city attorney.

From: Clay Chastain

Thank you gentlemen for your kind, considerate and noble action in removing my name from your "Watch list." I know how hard it was for you to make that decision being (that) I came down there today and threatened you with a lawsuit if you did not remove my name immediately.

You elite up on the hill should know better than to abuse your power by trying to intimidate, demonize, and embarrass a lowly citizen by suggesting he is dangerous and scary just because he challenges your political leadership via the democratic petition process.

Though passionate, I am a peaceable Christian man. I have never physically harmed or threatened anyone with violence in my adult life. What's more, Mayor James knows I am a family man, like himself, who has two sweet daughters.

Nevertheless, when I went down to city hall last Thursday to submit the light rail petition to the city clerk (accompanied by one of my daughters and a friend) security, presumably under the mayor's order, assigned an armed security guard to shadow us about city hall.

Why Mayor James (and or others) would put me on a "Watch list," (without any justification for doing so) and effectively announce to the world I could be a threat to the safety of those working down at city hall..is beyond me.

Kansas City is a beautiful city, but in the control of not so beautiful acting people.

Clay Chastain, Kansas City Activist, engineer, and leader of the people's light rail initiative petition.


Anonymous said...

Who are the other 19?

Anonymous said...

The circus continues!
This way to the midway and the 1000 pound man!
World class!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Clay!

Greedo said...

I think Clay did the right thing, especially given the circumstances of the latest mass shooting. To label somebody a threat is a misuse of resources that should be directed at protecting workers and visitors to city hall. Obviously our leaders are petty and clueless about the real world. This is just another example.

Anonymous said...


Who is this?

Anonymous said...

^^^ It's a device to indicate that the content of the press release has concluded. Some people also use -30- but that is confusing since it has no real meaning.

Kansas Shitty said...

+1 4:58pm. Kansas City has nothing but petty politicians. It's a shame because that is a reflection on society at large since they were voted in by people like them.

Anonymous said...

Why won't Clay keep his promise and quit coming back to KC, we don't want him or his various initiatves

Anonymous said...

5:31- Uh, isn't Clay just doing what Barry did? Ya know: "If you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor."

Or, Billy's: "I did NOT have sex with THAT woman,..."

How much time ya got right now, or do ya wanna google Hilly's "pinnochios"?

Vote KC said...

I don't agree with Clay often but I do here. The city shouldn't be able to call security and hassle voters whenever they disagree with a petition. That's not democracy and it's not KC.

Anonymous said...

Whata a Matter Mayor Sly James, YOU don't have $500-MILLION in your personal Bank Account ???

nor that phony corrupt City Attorney ???

Watch what you DISH OUT if you can't take it !!!

What goes around, comes around, remember that Sly James !!

You'd better have Damn Deep Pockets and a Hefty Personal Bank Account well into the hundreds of Millions of Dollars !!!!!

Anonymous said...


He's is 100 percent correct in this case. Stand for justice.

Anonymous said...

Citizen of where exactly? Certainly not of KC.

Anonymous said...

it does have a point, the point is kansas city has the potential to become a powerhouse economically and public transportation refuses to be tackled. I dont know if its they Mayor but airport has a lot of vested interest in not having a reliable public transit system. In other words they are warry of anything that stops them from being able to exploit people for leaving their car there or using car rentals.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that a dweeb like Clay could be dangerous to anybody is ludicrous at best. It calls into question the mental abilities of our Mayor. We need to see who else is on that list.