Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Kansas City Sunday Link Look

We'll always consider Candice our favorite snowflake angel despite the fact that her fashions will now be dominated by mom jeans. For now, we'll share this iconic image and consider Kansas City MSM reports for today. Take a peek:

Belly Flop From Above Near The Loop
Plane lands at downtown KC airport without landing gear
Kansas City Auto Crash Tragedy
Two killed in late night accident
East Side Burns Overnight
Sunday morning fire damages home in Kansas City
Urban Core Blaze Across State Line, Too
Fire destroys 2-story home in KCK
Title Tax We Talked About Previously
Vehicle tax decisions coming up for Kansas City area voters
Old School Rock Chalk Hip-Hop Report
Public Enemy brought the noise but not the party to Lawrence last night
Sunday Slugger Sends Pitches Skyward
Kendrys Morales homers twice as Kansas City Royals beat Houston Astros 6-1
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Drop the vehicle sales tax and impose a sales/service tax on out of state bill collectors and collection agencies. It seems like if these outfits can charge their clients 30 - 40 percent they could easily pay Missouri a percentage to engage in collections from outside of Missouri - especially when in state businesses purposely use out of state collectors to skirt the law.

Anonymous said...

Way to go KO!