Friday, August 01, 2014


Trish Stratus and her hottie weight lifting goodness inspires this look the strongest in town this week . . .

To wit . . .


Here's the look at the strongest in town . . .

Prez Obama And BBQ Dominated The Kansas City Discourse This Week

A visit by the Prez and a Kansas City BBQ dinner proved that locals were afraid to ask questions and there's also a coleslaw shortage in Kansas City.

Tragic Circus Parade Fighting Serves As A STRONG Kansas City Reminder As To Why We Can't Have Anything Nice

The Universoul Circus Anti-Violence parade erupted in violence and our bloggy community believes that's a strong indication about the lack of progress in the fight against local crime.

Hope For The Kansas City East Side As Contender Bryan Dial Announced His 3rd District Candidacy

Bryan Dial made BIG NEWS by announcing his candidacy this week . . . He's one of the strongest contenders in this district as sure to give incumbent Jermaine Reed quite a bit of trouble.

Kansas City Gun Rights Advocates Put Powerful Reax And Pushback To Mayor Sly's Open Carry Ban On Blast

Even Dead Tree Media is acknowledging that the ILLEGAL OPEN CARRY BAN devised by Mayor Sly and City Council won't last long.

Frank White Catches Some Strongly Encouraging News Ahead Of The Election Date

The Kansas City baseball legend was bolstered by word that Sherwood Smith's supporters are pretty much packing up their campaign.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the streetcar dude. It's about to roll over all the voters in KCMo.

Anonymous said...

The minimum-wage-hiker-in-chief will not be happy this morning. Former Obama administration economist Alan Krueger has some choice words for the hope-filled living-wage seekers of America:


Anonymous said...

It would appear Mr. Krueger should stop being cynical and just get hopey.

Fuck said...




Nigger Circus

Anonymous said...

Commercial Break

Anonymous said...

Don't spam streetcar bitches.

Harry Stone said...

Here is a fun game, try and pick where you think Kansas City is on this list.

1. Court orders schools desegregated;

2. Crime and violence increase in schools;

3. First wave of white flight takes place;

4. White flight results in increased percentage of africans in the schools;

5. Africans gain confidence as numbers increase and begin agitating for special black treatment in schools. Black dances, black student government, black counselors, liaisons, ombudsmen, etc. to deal with "black concerns";

6. Second wave of white flight takes place;

7. Sell-off from white property owners to africans takes place as property values start to plunge;

8. Violence increases in the schools and neighborhoods as africans become the majority;

9. As the violence escalates, africans blame white racism among police and local government and demand black officers and a black Police Chief who "understands" the black community.

10. The city appoints an african Police Chief in hopes that the violence will begin to subside as a result.*

11. Violence explodes under the incompetence of the black Police Chief who invariably looks the other way and dabbles in trendy, expensive programs that avoid dealing with the actual black violence problem;

12. The final wave of white flight takes place. After this, the only whites who remain are the Grand Torino-like, stubborn old people;

13. African political control is cemented and an african mayor is elected;

14. The city descends into chaos under a majority black city government and spirals into filth, poverty, disease, crime and bankruptcy.

15. Whites without children gentrify 5% of the city, normally a historic district that attracts artists, gays and grads. NY Times writes an article about how the city is experiencing a comeback without stating the obvious which is that it is only in the white-invested area.

Anonymous said...

The Bryan Dial website,, isn't working. On his FB page there is no hyperlink to his Instagram page.

That's it, let's get another person elected to the city council that doesn't know you know what from shinola.

Not shaping up too well.

Anonymous said...

Lost on 629, but one of the fundamental problems in 2014, is people who can't separate the elected with the office.

Old school was you voted against a politician, campaigned for another, but never F-Bombed the Presdient, irregardless of party.

And if you think old school values sucked, you might want to assess the shape of the Country 50 years ago compared to today.

Fuck you 629. Struggle to wrap mind around the concept of respect while disagreeing.

Anonymous said...

White was always quite aloof with the fellow parents at Barstow. I'm frankly (ha!) shocked that he is trying to be a politician.

Anonymous said...

>And if you think old school values sucked, you might want to assess the shape of the Country 50 years ago compared to today.

LBJ was the president about 50 years ago. He was f-bombed so much he decided not to run for reelection and people rioted in the street at the '68 convention so I dont understand what the fuck you are trying to say here.

Anonymous said...

10:25 PM - When the "President" is public enemy number one, what happened 50 years ago generally doesn't mean shit.

You may wish to consider that a bit more than 50 years ago (your idyllic time period), someone relieved Kennedy of a large portion of his grey matter. He may have preferred a few FUCK Kennedys to that.

BTW, 50 years ago LBJ fucked the U.S.A. right up the shitter (to gain "200 years of niggers voting Democrat"), so FUCK him too!

Anonymous said...

The Great Society was not so great. Those thugs and rachets you see on the Plaza and Westport are Lyndon Johnson's grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Sherwood Smith about to get his ass whooped! Will firefighters let him go back to stealing money from them? Those pillars of sand don't look so strong now do they Sherwood?