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Here's the FIRST LOOK at a Kansas City urban core political battle that should be exceptionally interesting.

Accordingly . . .


This should be an EPIC MATCH-UP given longstanding frustration with Councilman Reed and Bryan Dial's impressive and extensive list of community community involvement.

Here's the announcement along with A COMPLETE DOSSIER on the rising star candidate.

Check it:

Bryan Dial announces his candidacy for Kansas City, 3rd District City Council Seat

Bryan Dial, Jr., a lifelong Kansas City resident, has announced his candidacy for Kansas City, MO 3rd District City Council Seat, in the 2015 election.

“I look forward to continue serving Kansas City and adding another voice of leadership and expertise to City Council,” said Dial. “I am ready to immediately start working on building the strength and policies that are necessary to develop the economic condition needed for the future of our city. Now is the time to craft intelligent solutions to protect Kansas City’s future. It is imperative that we elect strong leaders to guide us through these times of neglect in the Third.”

Through posts such as Ad Hoc Group Against Crime, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church and Kansas City Cares, Bryan has spent his life serving in the Third district.

Bryan believes in the life of the Third and as is willing to reach across the city to broker relationships that will begin to bridge historic gaps in his community. This will be an effort of persistence and perseverance and Bryan is up to the task. Courtenay Wills, Campus Director of Pitt State University Lenexa Annex had this to say: “Bryan has served as the co-Chair and Marketing Chair of the Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition and has served as one of our strongest advocates around the issues of youth substance abuse and violence prevention. We are excited that one of our allies is striving to serve the city of Kansas City as he has served us.”

“As a scholar of Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama, Bryan is a life-long Third District activist. Bryan understands that one of the keys to breaking the cycle of violence in Kansas City is breaking the cycle of poverty through education and employment. As the Third District Representative, he will work to bring jobs to the urban core and to provide the training residents need to obtain these positions so they can provide comfortable livings for their families.” Carnika Turner, Founder and CEO of Black Women’s Empowerment League of Kansas City, MO.

Bryan understands that what has happened to the Third district has happened over time and there will be no quick fixes for his community. “I realize that the Third continues to be neglected and underserved, and has been for a significant amount of time and that the upswing will not happen overnight. But I am committed to doing everything within my power to see to it that a genuine swing starts, and that it continues in an upward motion for as long as it takes to get things back on strong footing here,” says Mr. Dial. With issues such as economic development, youth violence, jobs, and overall crime as the common topics for discussion in politics, Bryan intends to listen and then lead his potential constituents through this dialogue and into action.

Bryan says the mantra of his campaign will be a quote by C. G. Jung, “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Please visit our website at www.bryandial.nationbuilder.com

(TKC Note: Here's his FB Fan Page as well)

Bryan Dial Political Bio:

Bryan Dial, Jr., has spent his entire life serving and leading in the Kansas City, Missouri community. He was born and raised in the Ivanhoe neighborhood of the third district. Bryan is a proud graduate of the Central High School. While at Central, he lead his peers by serving in various roles including: Class President for 4 consecutive years, Student Body President, National Honor Society President, and Senior Editor of the Newspaper. In addition to these roles, Bryan was also deeply involved in Central’s school community as a Debate Team member traveling the country with his peers winning countless awards for his speaking and policy debate skills. He was also Section Leader in the band, and a Peer Counselor. He was nominated and selected as the Kodak Young Leader Award Recipient by the Kodak Film Corporation.

As evidenced by his high school involvement, Bryan has been a champion of servant leadership his entire life. He answered his calling into the preaching ministry in July of 2001 at the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Wallace S. Hartsfield, Sr. after experiencing the death of his mother. When Bryan graduated high school, his grandfather’s health worsened. Consequently, Bryan decided to stay in Kansas City to further his education at UMKC, Park and Calvary Bible College. During his time as an undergraduate student, Bryan cared for his younger siblings, and his grandfather. These responsibilities were no deterrent for him though. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History, and a Masters in Public Administration. Additionally while in college, Bryan worked as a Site Coordinator for the renowned Kansas City Freedom School Initiative, serving at-risk youth in the community, and managing the entire site staff and budget.

Being responsible for his family at a young age himself confirmed for Bryan that he would dedicate his life to improving the lives of others. He is involved in numerous capacities at Metropolitan, having served people in the community as the Assistant Minister of Youth, Co-Facilitator of the Recruitment Committee, and Secretary of the Associate Ministers Board. He currently serves as the Assistant Director of Apostolic Ministries and Programs, Educational Trainer for the Associate Ministers Board, as a C.O.R.E. Commissioner of Ministry Programs, and Facilitator of Church Beyond the Walls.

His commitment to service led him to accept a position with the University Of Missouri- Kansas City School Of Medicine as their Education Coordinator. In this role, Bryan developed continuing medical education programming for physicians throughout the country, managed budgets, wrote grants, and ensured that the rigorous ACCME accreditation standards were met by all attending physicians. His work with UMKC allowed Bryan to develop some of the critical skills needed in organizations that provide services to the community. As a result, he joined the Kansas City Free health Clinic, after hearing their Medical Director speak so passionately about the work being conducted there.

At the Kansas City Free Health Clinic, Bryan worked as the Youth Services Coordinator where he managed several grants in excess of $2 million dollars and ensured all youth programs were properly implemented. He supervised all Youth Services staff who primarily worked with high risk youth in the greater Kansas City Community. In collaboration with community partner sites, Bryan utilized other in-house staff to ensure programs were successful. He developed and managed federal program budgets and met with the Community Stakeholders Board quarterly. In this position, Bryan also met monthly with over 35 teens who participated in the Clinics Youth Advisory Board, mentoring them, teaching life skills, leadership development, healthy relationships, and instilling a passion for community service among other matters. He loved showing these young people alternative ways to becoming successful in life. In this position he joined the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, and attends their yearly leadership conference and trainings with his Youth Council learning to build stronger communities. He also joined the work of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, managing a Federal grant awarded to the Clinic. This grant allowed Bryan and his staff to work in DeLaSalle, Hogan Prep Middle and High Schools, Star Academy, and Genesis Promise Academy among other sites training our communities most At- Risk Youth. Bryan also served on the KCTGA Ryan White Planning Council educating community youth about HIV and STD’s, he also served on the Kansa City Youth Collaborative Board. His love for improving the lives of those in the community led Bryan to accept the position of Executive Director at the AdHoc Group Against Crime in January of 2013.

AdHoc has been a pillar in the Kansas City Community for over thirty years. Bryan managed the organization and worked closely with the Board of Directors and staff to ensure that families victimized by homicide received the necessary support to begin putting their lives back together again. As the only grant writer in the organization, Bryan increased AdHoc’s revenue’s over 60% in his first year. He successfully cultivated relationships with community members to enhance fundraising, implemented all programs and services that were offered by the organization, and officially launched Kansas City Mother’s in Charge in April of 2013. Bryan was instrumental in establishing the organization’s partnership efforts to curb violence in the community.

His burning desire to see a stronger Kansas City led Bryan to found the Kansas City Urban Prevention Coalition. He is extremely excited about the opportunity to educate and share information with our community and its neighboring communities about the issues that surround underage drinking, underage tobacco use, marijuana use, and violence in Kansas City. The Coalition is working very hard to ensure the community is completely aware of its needs and plans to create a safer, healthier environment for our young people.

Bryan’s entire life has been devoted to serving Kansas City in the faith, civic, and public sectors. Currently, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Hickman Mills Prevention Coalition, a Commissioner on the Violence Free KC Board, and the Think Again Missouri Drug Free Communities Board. Bryan is highly sought after as a guest speaker, coalition builder, and consultant. Bryan is a proven bridge builder with the vision and skills necessary to move the Third District forward.


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One thing not in Dial's "dossier," Tony. He got fired from his job last Friday.

Just wondering ... why would a kid from the inner city take a job all the way out in Leawood when he has a preteen nephew to take care of? And why did he mention nothing about his political aspirations to his coworkers? And why would he get fired from said job after less than a month? And what does that say about the quality of the candidates running for the Third District seat?

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Which one wears the most purple?

That's how I can tell who the most pedigreed black KC candidate is.

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Im so glad someone is going against reed. He only got the position by default. I think that's being forgotten

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