Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Receipts

Yesterday TKC was the FIRST to report deets of campaign finance notices from all of the interesting races and now THE KC BIZ JOURNAL offers more detailed accounting of the toy train contest . . .

Here are some of the more interesting receipts . . .

"$30,000 from Kansas City engineering firm Burns & McDonnell. The company made a $25,000 contribution in June and a $5,000 contribution in April. It is one of Kansas City’s streetcar contractors.

$25,000 from Herzog Contracting Corp. of St. Joseph. Herzog is part of a joint venture with Stacy and Witbeck Inc. also known as KC Streetcar Constructors.

$5,000 from HNTB Holdings Ltd. Kansas City-based HNTB Corp. is a streetcar contractor.

$5,000 from “Go for KC,” a Kansas City-based PAC established in May 2013. Go for KC’s treasurer is Cindy Circo, who is mayor pro tem of Kansas City.

$5,000 from CHIPP Political Account. The address listed for the account — 1401 Hampton Ave. in St. Louis — matches the address of the Carpenters’ District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity.

$25,000 from CHIPP Political Account, in addition to the $5,000 reported in the July quarterly filing.

$10,000 from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. KCUMB is a private university whose main campus is on Independence Avenue — a potential streetcar expansion route.

On the outgoing side of the equation . . . It looks like Jason Parsons isn't the only guy getting paid . .

"The July quarterly report said the PAC spent $4,164.22 during the period. It paid $2,500 to Leach Public Solutions, a Kansas City-based consulting firm led by Marcus Leach, for website and social media services; $500 to Overland Park-based Keating Development LLC for campaign services; and $1,088.27 to Kansas City’s Almar Printing for printing services."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that "such a great idea" requires spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hoodwink the public into believing that chicken crap is really chicken salad?
What passes for leadership in KCMO regularly sells the residents down the river for $1.98 and they just can't seem to get enough of it.
Next up: Fantasy tales told during the election campaign.
And the 84% of metro residents who don't live in KCMO watch with disbelief and amusement.
World class.

Anonymous said...

Seems both sides are raising a goodly amount of money. When Sherry DeJanes finally filed Smart KC financial disclosure it tried to hide several donations. Her total is up near $100,000. But close to half are from right wing groups who refuse to tell the public the source of their money or the real donors. The leaders of these money laundering committees are the same folks who tried to defeat the City's renewal of the earnings tax that, if it failed, would have bankrupt the city. Keep in mind Dan Coffey and Ms. DeJanes goal is to deny voters in the proposed TDD the right to decide the issue in November. First they tried to block the right to vote in court and now by trying to confuse voters.

elBryan said...

ROFL what kind of warped world is 7:31 living in? The only people trying to block anyone's right to vote is City Hall. The entire concept of the TDD was created specifically to exclude people from voting. As soon as residents from Brookside demonstrated that they would provide a lot of "NO" votes, the city simply took their right to vote away. Worst of all, people living in the current TDD who already voted on the starter line are allowed to vote AGAIN despite the fact that they will experience no tax increase.

I'm really not sure how any of this is legal, but regardless of your thoughts on rail transit, this voting process is more corrupt that many third world country elections.

Anonymous said...

Hope the feds read this, since citizens have already caught and documented you streetcar crusaders engaging in to numerous to count unethical endeavors, including blatant lying.

Anonymous said...

Toy train cheerleader comment trolls like 7:31 still desperately trying to brand multi-partisan SMARTKC as a ultra hard core tea bag or radical right wing conservative outfit is so freaking funny!

Anonymous said...

Grifters all.

Anonymous said...


Greedo said...

I wanna know who is paying 7:31!

P Bear said...

What about that truck load of toilet paper ?

That expenditure need's to be disclosed, as it takes a lot of ass wipe to clean up that much bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Move along 7:31, no room for facts here at tonys Johnson county! Just spin and bullshiy for the ever smaller echo chamber of FUD.

Lol at smartkc is multipartisan btw! St. Louis sinquefeild cash rolled in a burrito of bullshit. It's classic right win teabag politics 101. Fake populism and AstroTurf "movements" funded by big money, city hating, anti transit, anti infrastructure, anti government fringers. Even they're spokespeople are right wingers: pay Touhey spent the last 2 years trying to bankrupt kc and Dan Coffey is a teabagger delux. Mike bushnell is a republican reactionary who think "falling down" was a good model for how to act.

Stadlers just a "look I found my first pet cause" kid with a bad set of friends who are winding him up and set him lose to embarrass himself.

The only democrat in the mix is Dejanes and the only reason she cares is that her house is partially built on land the ATA owns.

And they are all workin ther asses off to make sure midtowners and east siders don't get to vote on their own taxes and infrastructure decisions.

The only 2 who have a right to speak are bushnell and stadler.

The brooksiders promising you imaginary transit improvements have NEVER EVER before helped midtown r the east side ever. And they are not even in the majority in their own neighborhoods.

They alienated people with their bullying rudeness and the second twit neighbors found out the save the trolley trail thing was total lies, they lost even the sympathetic brooksiders, and no one in waldo ever agrees with their anti-transit agenda.

Their message is: buses are good enough for poor people and investing in development in midtown and the east side is a waste!

Anonymous said...

The only democrat in the mix is Dejanes

Oh really?

Just more actual proof you toy train disciples don't have one freaking clue about what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

Damn, 9:35, you're either one of the dumbest posters on here or one of the biggest liars. The only party taking away someone's right to vote on the second phase of this boondoggle is THE CITY. It was the City who pulled Brookside out of the TDD when they figured out that all the opposition was going to bring unwanted attention.

I've never really agreed with the whole TDD concept, in as much as a purposefully limited group of voters is committing city-wide funds. If you want to limit who gets a say on whether or not this thing goes by narrowly defining a TDD, then THE ONLY funds that should be able to be used for the project are those generated within the TDD. No general fund dollars should be used, no PIAC funds, no water bond dollars, no state transportation tax dollars. If we all have to pay for it, then we all should get a say.

Anonymous said...

It's about improving bus service that serves everyone rather than building toy trains so well to do kidults living in downtown can bar hop and enjoy tax payers flipping the bill for their soccer bashes at P&L. The streetcar crusaders are apparently more interested in getting federal funds for rail transit than helping the poor. By calling this “transit equity,” it hopes that no one notices how inequitable it actually is.

Anonymous said...

Some friendly advice to the streetcar crusaders railroading this widely unpopular project: You dismiss the depth and breadth of the opposition at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

The 319 people who voted for this boondoggle downtown will never be able to pay for their starter line, let alone all the other so called development.

That's what this second TDD is about. Forcing the rest of the City to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Just Vote NO on all issues on August 5th.

Anonymous said...

Remember all the tax dollars now being used to promote the billion dollar streetcar. City council now funds campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Typical pay-to-play politics. Nothing new to see here.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the anti everything league has grossly underestimated the depth and breadth if the people in this town who aren't stuck in the 80s, who have travelled to ther comparable cities and seen how transit is both workable, real and transformative, who are tired of te Kansas city can't do attitude of a few dozen stodgy old white men handicapping the whole city.

Because you guys exist in a bubble of show me facts, Facebook propaganda choir preaching, phony twitter handles and bluster and bullshit all backed by out of town money.

You have underestimated the intelligence of the average midtown and east side voter for a pretty simple reason. None of you are as clever as you tell each other, and the majority of people who live in this city really like it and want to see it grow.

Transit does that. It's not a debate. It's an essential city service, and midtown and the east side are the two segments of the city that have been ignored (mostly be brookside interests like you) for too long.

It's finally time to invest in the neighborhoods that make this city what it is and to build useful, real, good public transit in the urban core, no matter what a handful of brooksiders and some suburban St. Louis puppeteers think.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't and isn't "a handful of brooksiders" because if it was the City would have never needed to redraw the TDD to exclude South KC from the vote on August 5.

Problem is everyone who is in the redrawn proposed TDD now knows about this sleazy tactic among other things and the truth is it's not looking good for the backward thinking pro streetcar cheerleaders trying to bulldoze this farce over the public.

Anonymous said...

Mensa boy's been at it again (9:35 & 1:37)!

"The only 2 who have a right to speak are bushnell and stadler."

Has the First Amendment been amended?

" one in waldo ever agrees with their anti-transit agenda."

Not one single person? Has this been verified?

"Their message is: buses are good enough for poor people and investing in development in midtown and the east side is a waste!"

The message is improve the current bus service. Buses are transit. Make it run all night. And, if possible, make it free. You see, your prejudice just came out here--you're not pro-transit; you're anti-bus. You consider buses beneath you. I actually use the buses, and I'm thrilled to have them.

"None of you are as clever as you tell each other"

It would be impossible to be as clever as you think you are. Passing a Mensa test is not the same as being intelligent; having a high IQ is not the same as being emotionally stable and mature.

"[Transit is]an essential city service, and midtown and the east side are the two segments of the city that have been ignored"

Again, buses are transit. Midtown has gobs of bus service. If the east side needs more, give it more. The Prospect MAX is a excellent idea. Why make it a carrot to bribe people to vote for the streetcar? If that were a stand alone proposal, it would pass in a walk. I don't recall having to vote on the Main Street or Troost MAX routes. Why is this route being put up for a vote?

Again, attacking the campaign contributors is not the same as justifying the streetcar, and given the main contributors to the streetcar are those who will benefit from building it, that is equivalent to someone in a glass house throwing stones.

Anonymous said...

You haters need to wrap your minds around the reality that some of us can support the light rail and still think Johnson is a dink.

Over categorization of those who disagree with your point of view will result in your banishment to a rather stupid blog site controled by a bigot and a cum rape guy who thinks his day is meaningful because he sets the tone on Tony KC.

And we think immigrants don't pull their weight.

Just what is the color of the sky I'm this false reality?

Anonymous said...

I would guess that 3:31 if Byron Funkhouser but he is too articulate so my guess, going by his self-righteous tone, is that he is Radioman.

HC said...

I am hard changer numbnutz.


Anonymous said...

You sure it's hard, charger?

Anonymous said...

Streetcar evangelists are getting so bent out of shape by the weekend they'll be speaking in tongues.

Might even see a few jumping out of high rise windows on August 6th.

Anonymous said...

It is a kind of religion, isn't it, 6:41. Good point.

Anonymous said...

One thing the streetcar proponents do not mention is that every streetcar program is bleeding so heavily that the city's that have them are desperately looking for more revenue to support them. Take the Utah Transit Authority, a State wide system, winner of several Transit Awards. Please read the State Auditor's report warning of impending financial crisis as they continue to expand the system. I hold out zero hope that KCMO could manage half as well as the State of Utah.

Anonymous said...

It boils down to Mensa boy saing:

"I WANT IT, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I need a job after 2015!!!!!!"