Friday, July 25, 2014

Kansas City Dead Tree Media Plays Nice With Jackson County Political Hopefuls

Here's The Star throwing softballs to all of our favorite Jackson County politicos . . .

We've profiled every single-one of these candidates and even covered a debate . . . The round-up is really late to the game: Three vie for 2nd District seat vacated by James Tindall

Not really my cup of tea: Bob Spence faces challenge from newcomer Theresa Galvin in 6th District GOP race

Actually, she's the worst KC poliitco in town and she faces GOP Bob Stringfield as her most formidable and experienced challenger: Crystal Williams faces Shere Alam in re-election bid for Jackson County Legislature

Either way, this Jackson County coverage might have been written by Courthouse hacks and doesn't represent half of the stuff really happening @ The Courthouse.

Developing . . .