Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kansas City Gunfire And Homicide Thursday

Kansas City area violence already gearing up for the weekend . . .

- A man was shot in the leg after a fight broke out across the street from a Kansas City nightclub Lafferty's Lounge early Thursday morning.

- Double Homicide Investigation at Memorial Park Cemetery, near 12th and Cemetery Drive.

- Kansas City police are investigating a shooting near 24th Street and Denver Avenue early Thursday morning.

More in a bit . . .


Nead Diggers said...

Start The BBQs/Vigils/Grifter Speeches!

NOT Tyrone Jackson-Washington-McKinley-Mgumbo said...

Wow, what GREAT service the criminals provided by delivering the bodies to the cemetery!

But, flowers.

Nolonzo Washingcars said...

Does that cemetery have gift cards?
'Cause if they do, I'll be havin some of them because they won't let those bodies loiter...because they are RACIST!!!!!!!!

KC=Detroit said...

Schlitterbahn will be introducing a new attraction later this year that represents life in KC.

It will be a dual ride called Homislide/KC Crimewave:
You are killed in one of several exciting ways on the Homislide and then your corpse bobs around for a while in the KC Crimewave catchpool.

It promises to be a killer attraction!

The KC Zoo will also open a new attraction where you can be killed by a Silverback via excessive taxation without representation and non-existent vital services.

Anonymous said...

And the temp hasn't broken 100 yet. Just wait until it heats up a little more and the "new and improved" homicide count that Slyme and Farte are so proud of will go off the charts.

Anonymous said...

Blue Parkway and Eastwood

12th & Cemetery Drive

24th and Denver

More hoodie crime.

Will a white criminal PLEASE come out. Just one. There has to be one white thug in the city that wants some pub.