Thursday, May 08, 2014

Kelly Brook And The Kansas City Links

Kelly Brook recently graced the pages of Cosmo looking a bit bouncy but still impressive. And her are the Kansas City mainstream media links I'm checking right now . . .

- Kansas City Eco-Devo Winning: Kansas City Council passes $3 million in incentives for DST data center that doesn't yield new jobs

- Midtown All In The Family: Union Hill adding last round of single-family homes

- Lesson In School Violence Prevention: KCPS adopts new app to boost student safety

- More Deets On The Minnie Mouse Fight: Mom jailed after Northland daycare fight with off-duty officer

- Show-Me Motor Tech Opposition: Missouri Could Block Tesla Sales In Legislative 'Sneak Attack'

- Northland Traffic Note: Popular route to KCI Airport to close for weeks

- KCK Tech Fear: Laser pointer causes lockdown at Wyandotte High School

- Gun Rights For Everybody: Kansas Concealed Carry Permits Now Recognized in Virginia, Washington

- Show-Me Armed Invitation: ​Missouri House approves broad deadly-force bill intended to arm babysitters, guests

- Local Blaze: Caves off I-435 and 23rd St. evacuated due to fire

- Hobbling Toward The End Of The Session: Missouri governor has knee surgery

- Old School Warning: Kansas to start 'Blue Alerts' for law enforcement

- Rock Chalk Real Estate Conclusion: Woman, 91, reaches deal to move out of house near KU campus

- Cowtown Dinner Link: Faces of Kansas City: V's Italiano Ristorante an institution since 1963

- Dead Tree Foodie Celebration: One man's 10 best barbecue dishes in Kansas City

- Avert Report: Barkley ad takes Spirit Airlines' 'bare fare' approach literally

- Old School Donkey Celebration: Kansas City area celebrates Harry Truman's birthday

- Golden Ghetto Tradition Going Away: Villa Capri is moving south and taking almost everything along

- Nigerian Nightmare Opinion: Former Chiefs star Christian Okoye troubled over terrorism in Nigeria

- Upcoming Storms: Unstable air mass could mean severe storms for KC

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Frtio, I wonder how your Gay & Lesbian closet mates are going to react to your homo-bashing of Michael Sam ?

Can't wait to see those photos that are probably out there. Bet you are not with a fat white woman either. Maybe a fat white dude ?

And you call the Bear a bigot. That's like calling the pot black.

Anonymous said...

Polar bear seems to be looking for a friend. That makes everyone sad.

Anonymous said...

Look at Kelly's white, pillowy breasts, pb. Your mood will improve.

Anonymous said...

True dat!

Anonymous said...

I did not know that DST was a part owner of Sly James.

Anonymous said...

Tony thanks for the new Kelly pictures. There are actually stupid assholes who post that she is too fat. She has got a Goldilocks' body, just right.

Anonymous said...

Kansas Concealed Carry Permits Now Recognized in Virginia, Washington

That should cause the fucking Funkster to implode

re: Nixon Knee Surgery said...

Let's hope a huge MRSA infection sets in and turns fatal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...!? Fuck face.

Anonymous said...

That ol mammy family got her thinking right.

Anonymous said...

"There are actually stupid assholes who post that she is too fat."


That's because they are homos who can't get their dicks hard towards a real woman